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What utter crap, "57 times more likely to die if unvaccinated". If true, unvaccinated places like Africa would have percentage wise 57 times more deaths than highly vaccinated countries in Europe, Israel, Singapore and US etc. That is simply not true, US leads.
This man cherry picks data and lies. Pure fearmongering coercion that will not persuade the hesitant.
If you desire more people to choose to be vaccinated, this is not the way to do it.

powder 8 Oct 1

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🤔 That's not how statistics (& logical extrapolation from data) work.

In the US, with the Delta variant, roughly 98% of those with CoViD-19 who are dying ... are not fully-vaccinated (plus 14 days). Given the increasing numbers of vaccinated persons, in the US, this is statistically significant.

Further supporting this, the US states with lower vaccination rates have higher cases, & higher deaths, per capita. See graph.

Logically, this implies nothing about the numbers of cases of CoViD-19, in other countries. Nor the comparitive numbers of deaths between countries.
It is only about likelihood of death of those infected (with or without prior full vaccination). Percentages & per capita rates are useful for comparability.


If these other places are not as densely populated as we are then transmission would be more limited. Also their different lifestyles and being more willing to use precautions could also make a significant impact.


@powder I’d rather a bunch of theists tell me I’m going to hell than continue with the COVID minimizing or antivax bandwagon stuff. Don’t see the point in it tapping my feed much longer.


Are you daft? The statistics don’t lie. He’s talking about people who are not vaccinated and contract coronavirus.

There are several on this site who are highly motivated “reasoners”. They seem unreachable and mostly post on COVID topics. There was one denier who was flooding my feed unsolicited. I blocked that person. Toying with the idea for a few other JAQers. No point it seems engaging them so why have their nonsense continue to pollute my feed? Not sure yet.

@Scott321 I find it interesting how some agnostics and atheists are willing to extend their distrust or doubt of the supernatural to science. When I finally started to wake up and began moving away from my religious faith, it was, as Phil Hellenes experienced, science that ‘saved my soul.’

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