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I would enjoy seeing a discussion of the following...
I have read the Handmaids Tale and am watching the series and find it fascinating in regards to the direction our world seems to be taking. If its for the glory of God, anything goes??
The authoritarian nature of most organized relgion makes me squirm. Any authoritarian regime, whether relgious or political requires fear as its base. My personal nature has always been one of wonder, curiosty and questioning, so I didn't do well from an early age with the mental fear tactics used by relgion, but they are so well designed that even the most rebellious amoung us have also questioned ourselves at some points in life, as to whether we are on the wrong page. Versus the droves of people whose FAITH is unwavering in the unseen authority that holds them in check on their knees. I always get to a point in a friendship or relationship where I must ask them WHY and how they can subscribe to a belief system that routinely contradicts itself and cherry picks "truths" to suit some agenda based on control. When evidence is produced the arguments ensue and typically the questioner ( me) becomes the enemy and the relationship never seems to be the same if it lasts at all. Once they are "all in" and believe its in Gods plan somehow, then any heinous act is not only allowed or overlooked but promoted . It is no surprise actually, seeing that the story of Christs bloody torture and crucifixion( planned by God his father) is glorified, even to small children, as the ultimate loving act. I defintely don't speak that language. Thoughts?

Stargazer13 7 Apr 21

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I started to watch the movie and had to turn it off. I don’t do that with many movies, but the basis of the movie just seemed too realistic, given today’s political climate. It exemplifies the ease with which organized religion and money are able to overcome any sense of morality to preserve their status quo. Enslaving anyone is evil, enslaving women to use as breeding machines for the upper class is just disturbing.


The only group mental delusion that people are proud off.


It's hard to free fools from the chains they revere. Voltaire-
It's a political structure with the same sort of controls to stop thinking. Democrats and Republicans get in lock step and become tribal voters. Just a better form of propaganda promising things no one will ever be able to dispute.


I find it interesting the different paths we take to get to the same destination.
I recall in the seventies getting caught up in the fervor of Christianity, it was an interesting time in the seventies with the renewed interest brought on by such movies, and plays such as, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Godspell. I'm a visual person, and anything with music well ... I'm hooked.
I enjoyed the euphoric feeling I got participating in the communal joy. The epiphanies ... real and imagined were a joy to me.
I was surrounded for the most part with good men and women that truly (at least that is what I thought) believed in love and peace. Good will towards men etc. etc.
All for the good of all, what a pleasant thing to believe in.
The reason it all changed is irrelevant it did.
Disillusioned, confused, hurt, and surprise surprise eyes wide opened, I found that religion, any religion would not work for me. I didn't need it to be kind, compassionate, empathetic.
I didn't as a youngster pay much attention to the torture of Christ, so much as think what love he must have had to die for all ... and I did not think of it in terms of for our sins. I thought of I would die for someone I loved.
It was romantic ... perhaps not the right word ... romantic seemed a higher purpose and something I could aspire to.
All in all the choices i've made as an adult in not following religious dogma or doctrine has more to do with common sense then any epiphany some others have had.
Ok I babbled and went off topic ... you may now return to your regularly scheduled program!


I think the Handmaid’s Tale shows how religion can be used as a tool by greedy people, to rise in power so they can control and oppress the people, with the goal being that the network of greedy people will expand their power and wealth, at the expense of the masses. It can be done without religion, but using religion makes it easier.


The Right has been working zealously to turn the US into a Theocracy for the last thirty years. They have been passing laws and working through the courts and have been very affective. Atwood was very prescient in her theme in The Handmaid's Tale. I read the book when it first came out. It and the movie are very disturbing in light of the latest regime in Washington.


If it's any reassurance the Roman Catholic Church has TV ads trying to recruit priests. Maybe this religion is about to either change (hopefully for the better and stop being a patriarchy?) or end itself.


Go look at footage of downtown Middle eastern nations, Libya,, etc from the 60's-70's...women in western garb, bare arms/shoulder, high heels, etc. Going out for lunch. On their way to University.
Now, birkahs, or you get stoned. Do not think it could not happen anywhere!


Well that's a lot to think about, but I think most people here would agree that there are oppressive aspects of christianity. The question is will they ever go so far as The Handmaid's Tale depicts. As of right now, I don't see things going that far, though there are certainly some fanatics out there.

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