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Sometime someone is talking about beauty of the univers being god’s creation. I always reply that a god cannot achieve such beautiful stuff like those nebulaes. They just choose an easy answer for something they can’t deal with. That we might never know why all this and where it comes from!

Frankypouh 4 Apr 21

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I know folks that talk like that.


What is annoying is that with any random photo of nature or an animal on Facebook, some religious person will start praising god for creating such a creature..even if it's a Belgian draft horse, that would never occur in the wild.
Their glaring ignorance is irritating to me.


Science/Nature is mind-blowing.


Most, if any, can't even comprehend the distances and size of what's out there.
I'm not sure humanity ever will.
But we keep trying to put it in terms we do understand - it's our only option.
. It's beautiful, but dangerous in spans of time we don't get either.
Like, about 1500 objects on impact, or damn close, trajectory with earth.
Many of evolutionary reset size.
And those are only the ones we know about.
. And the god ain't aging all.

@Sealybobo I'm with you on that one. I'm comfortable with the unknown. I think standing in awe and wonder is beautiful and gratifying.


Along those lines...I think the "Pale Blue Dot" image to show how small and incosequential our world is in the cosmos also validates the beauty of the cosmos from natural processes.

That is Earth about halfway down the brown band:

I love that. Where’s that image from?

@Essie Voyager 1 Taken in 1990 at a distance of 40 AUs. It was taken at the request of Carl Sagan as the primary mission of Voyager 1 was finished. NASA turned Voyager around to take a last image of the Earth.

For those who might not know, 1 AU is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun. So this is taken at 40 times the Earth's orbit or a bit under 4 Billion Miles from Earth. And Voyager is still in our Solar System at that point.

@RPardoe not only interesting, but factual

@RPardoe Fascinating! You seem very knowledgeable. Vocation or avocation??

@Essie to read, explore, and (try to) understand the world (and more).

@Sealybobo No, that small sub-pixel dot is the Earth taken with a narrow-angle lens. A wide-angle image showing the context of the above image is as follows. (The second overlay is a narrow-angle image of Venus).

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