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"Children are a joy, it is sad that many will never know how wonderful it truly is. The good news is that you really don't know what you are missing until you experience it yourself."

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I posted this comment/answer below as a social experiment online to see what kind of response I would get?

Being born is highly over-rated. Today's world is a nightmare for humanity and a daily struggle for most people. What is so great about being alive? We live in an insane world, we spend most of our time just trying to get to the next day. Even if you're lucky to have clean drinking water, shelter and food, it mostly sucks even if things are alright.

25 Up-Votes
10 Down-Votes.

This does not say much about the state of humanity's thinking.
I'm sure most of the 25 Up Votes were in Western Countries.

Tourirst 7 Nov 21

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What is the basis for your statement?
'Being born is highly over-rated' Was there any time when it was underrated?
'Today's world is a nightmare for humanity' Relative to the world in the past? Including the genocides in the 20th century?
Etc., etc.
Perhaps, you're just having a bad day.

Ryo1 Level 8 Nov 23, 2021

We do need children, just not too many. Someone has to look after us in our dotage.

No , there is the option of actively choosing death before we reach our dotage. And that also assumes that our children will survive, long enough, to be there in our dotage.

@Fernapple Yes that is always an option but I have been retired for 10 years and have been fortunate enough to be fit and healthy and someone has to work to pay my pension.


Does it matter where the votes are from?
I agree with your experiment statement. The world is shit and broken. We don't share reality. Our horrible behavior is going to turn this world into a hellscape full of migration, starvation, war, & disease. People who continue to have children are both failing to see the problem and exacerbating it at the same time, and dooming their children to live through an even more horrible life than we will.

I like your answer.


Every generation says the same fucking thing. The world has always sucked for most people who have ever lived on this planet. Compared to the pre-mid Twentieth Century world most people in the "modern" countries do and have had it pretty good.

"Every generation says the same fucking thing. The world has always sucked for most people who have ever lived on this planet." You really cracked me up!!!!

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