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Rand Paul says Fauci should be jailed for five years for lying to Congress – something fact checkers insist he did not do


Dyl1983 8 Dec 6

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Rand Paul is becoming more delusional every day. And what is that thing on his head?


Oooh, lying to Congress is an indictable maybe STFU, as you, sir, are way up on that list, both in quantity & "quality" !!!!

BDair Level 8 Dec 6, 2021

Perhaps you can provide material that refutes his assertions.


Did you actually read it?

Rand Paul accused Fauci and NIH of funding gain of function research.

You can track the funds going from NIH to the Wuhan lab.

The NIH wrote a letter that said they did not.

If only the criminal justice system was so simple.

Any time someone is accused of a crime, they can write a letter saying they did not commit the crime, and the charges can be dropped.

BD66 Level 8 Dec 6, 2021

No, the charges are/were dropped because they were found to be baseless Crap....just more gum-flapping from idiots!

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