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Fox News Xmas tree set on fire; arsonist arrested.

Organist1 8 Dec 8

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Weird, I would have guessed the fire was set by someone running out of the building with their pants on fire. 😉

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"My husband's a big Fox News fan, and that's what I told him, (?) I said 'We'll get our picture taken in front of the tree.'"

Is her husband a child??? Telling a guy they can get a picture of themselves taken at a Christmas tree sounds like something you'd tell a child.

I don't want to know what thir lives are like.


They'll play the victims, as usual.
Poor, put-upon conservatives.
They're so persecuted.

New tradition. Set yer christmas tree on fire!


Arson isn't a crime I condone, even against faux news corps. The guy was arrested; faux news will make hay exploiting this as an attack on xmas and their fair and balanced line of propaganda.

Oh yea, and page not found in link.

@Beowulfsfriend []
Try this.

@Organist1 The guy is a homeless dude and the cops said there was no political motivation. The guy has been arrested twice for drug possession over the last couple of months. He may be a Japanese citizen, according to some reports.

@Beowulfsfriend This unfortunate homeless person has far more value to society than what lies inside Fox News. How did he get into the situation he found himself in?

@Beowulfsfriend It may have been an act of desperation or delusion; he tried to set another Xmas tree on fire prior to the Fox one.

@Organist1 This is what liberals have brought this country to... So sad..

@Captain_Feelgood No... just a homeless dude with issues.

@Organist1 Surely conservative policies toward homeless, destitute, and mentally ill over the years (plenty Calvinist victim blaming) have not helped the situation. Reap what you sow Fox News.

@Scott321 Absolutely. Progressive policies would help greatly, but, ya know..."socialism" Those republicans love Social Security and food stamps, not realizing what social programs really are. Please note that I merely posted the link to the story without editorializing.

@Beowulfsfriend That explains it. Those Japanese like their fireworks.

@Beowulfsfriend, @Organist1 But ya gotta admit, it looked really cool on fire!

@PondartIncbendog Poor tree!

@Organist1 Yeah, sitting comfortably in the forest and some asshole cuts you down, hauls you to some parking lot and lights you on fire. That's a bad day.

@Scott321 "Conservative policies toward homeless, destitute, and mentally ill over the years have not helped the situation"... You do know NY City has been governed by liberals for the last 15 years, right? So how exactly is their situation the conservatives fault?


Fox News set a cultural dumpster fire years ago and has continued to pour accelerant on it. See Tucker butt-kissing Putin. Who will be charged with that societal arson? Roger Ailes assumed room temperature years ago. Fox & Friends dingbats? Incompetent to stand trial.

I enjoy the just deserts from afar.

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