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What are your thoughts on "what if our life is a simulation"? Has there been any coincidences in your life that makes you wonder if all this was programmed? I have 2 incidences that comes to mind, back in 2006 I was buying a new USED car and was searching on Auto I decided that I want to find one in my favorite color (orange) don't judge me. 🙂 Well, I found an orange SUV and saved it in my favorites. So for the next few weeks I showed it to friends and looked at it a few hundred times myself. One day my ex wife was online looking at it and she brought something to my attention. She showed me and it blew my mind. Of course it was orange but the license plate had the first 3 letters of my name which is what I go by. It wasn't a personalized plate at all. It was just there and it was orange and it had my name on it so I got it. Yeah I have a photo to prove it. The second time was after my divorce a woman that I met when I first joined the Navy (first love) sent me an e mail out of the blue. We have not been in touch for 21 years and to get that message from her on was a surprise. Yay internet!! So we started to catch up and during a phone conversation we talked about our kids. Now get this, We both have daughters that are born on the same year same month and same day and both are biracial black/white. I KNOW RIGHT!! How trippy is that?!!! Come on that is right up there with Lincoln having a secretary name Kennedy and Kennedy having one named Lincoln. BTW, the reconnect didn't work because she was a damn MORMON!

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We are creating our reality,some are aware of it some are not.... it happened to me to to think about something a lot and it appears in my life, I just pay attention on those signs and it happens.


I am pleased that this has gotten some input but I wasn't asking for support or reason to believe this or not believe this I was just asking for others situations where there are strange events. However when you think about it, to simply say it is all coincidence is like saying its gods will..... LOL just playing the devils advocate there..... wait I don't believe in him either.


My feeling on this is coincidences happen with some frequency, and it would be strange if they never happened. Randomness necessitates some similarity, some illusion of pattern. If I flip a coin ten million times, I'd expect to see some times when I get a run of ten heads or ten tails in a row, but that's objectively expected. If I get a million people, independently, to each flip the coin ten times, however, I'd expect some of them to see a run of ten heads or ten tails, too, and to me observing that would be reasonable, but to the individual flipping the coin it would seem extremely unlikely. I don't see coincidences as evidence of anything except a necessary consequence of random chance. As for whether we live in a computer simulation, I don't believe we have the evidence to support the hypothesis.


Hmmmm..... this is the first time I've ever thought about this topic but just off the top of my head, I'm thinking just statistical coincidences.

If some more advanced beings have simulated us and are now watching us, wouldn't that be like us watching Jerry Springer on a loop? LOL.

What would they hope to gain by the simulation? Wouldn't they have a purpose or goal?

I'd like to hear what others have to say because this is a new topic for me and I ... need ... more ... data ... to ... compute. Uh oh, on second thought??

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