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The burning of the Fake Christmas tree is bringing Fake indignation to the Fake new station called FOX. Tucker wants to know, "Why is this not a hate crime".
I am sure they will demand a Congressional investigation.
A speaker outside the station said it was the equivalent to the attack at Pearl Harbor.

Sierra4 8 Dec 10

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If the arsonist had been a white gun nut, his mental health issues would have been front and center on Faux Gnus.


Sadly, this works. I overheard people talking about it at the stores, yesterday. One lady was saying the tree was worth $500,000. 🙄

Zster Level 8 Dec 10, 2021

Scared snowflakes

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 10, 2021

Total casualties at Pearl Harbor = 3,581
Total casualties at Fox tree fire = 0

Total damage and destruction at Pearl Harbor = 328 aircraft; 19 ships
Total damage and destruction, Fox tree fire = 1 big ass decorated tree

Oh yea....equal.....for sure. 🙄


Ignorant assholes.

Stop insulting arseholes.

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