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I have a confession to make. I sleep in my car a lot. I make good money driving but not enough for a room every night and affordable rooms are insanely hard to find in Houston. So I sleep in the Ubermobile. Is that bad?

TedGresham997 5 Apr 22

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I think the fact that you're asking shows that you actually have an issue with it yourself. But like Rugglesby said, 'You do what you gotta do'. I'm sure when the time comes and you feel that you need to make a change to the situation you will. Until then try being ok with it 😉


I lived in cars for a few years. It's ok and makes you a bit creative, but it can become a psychological issue after a while.


I didn't do Uber, but back when I was a teen, I had a permanent job, and a car with a loan, rent around where I worked was out of my range so I lived in my car.
My foster son travels fro his business, he sleeps in his van along with his stock,
when he comes back here he stays in bed for hours every morning and enjoys the hot showers to the max to make up for it.
You do what you gotta do.


Nothing wrong with sleeping in your car, just make sure it doesn't develop a funky smell or get that lived in look about it. You must have comfortable seats to sleep in your car on a regular basis, those few ocassions where I have spent the night in my car always left me with a killer back ache and feeling groggy.


I have a good friend who left his pro job to drive Uber around Boston. Don't think he does overnites.

Home is too far away to go back every night. I like driving all night, it's different and busy, but sleeping in the day in the car is a real problem. Motels check in in the afternoon and out in the morning. I need the opposite. arg. Or just an affordable room or open-hearted friend with a bunk. lol

@TedGresham997 don't they have couch surfing in Houston? Might be worth joining and having a look? []


I do AirBnB now and don't do hotels. Its better and half the price.

Right when I started AirBnB double charged my bank card and it was a double chore getting that fixed. Kind'a burnt me out. I've thought about it again but haven't worked into it. I've been trying to just find a regular room to rent but those are as expensive as apartments. ugh

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