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Board games.

I grew up with them back in the 17th century and they were huge. Then video games turned up and dice & cardboard became as dead as dead.


Now, they are back big time. Not just the oldies (Cluedo, I'm looking at you) but the whole "euro" wave of games. Because, I think, they bring people together around a table (probably with beer and pizza, but you know, that's optional).

Me? I love dice & cardboard.

What about you?

Palindromeman 7 Apr 22

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Love a good board game. Cards too. Unfortunately my habit of being fiercely competitive makes it hard to find partners. (My kids stopped playing with me after a rather tragic Scattergories incident) ??‍♀️

Essie Level 6 Apr 23, 2018

I suffer from the same syndrome ?.


Yep. Particularly fond of strategy games. Axis and Allies, for example. Chess of course. Risk.

you can play Axis and Allies and Risk by email through, it is called WWII or Gambit....a bit clunky and archaic but at least you get to play against real people at your leisure


The historical society in my town does a vintage board game night once a month. I attend.

Ooo, that sounds fun❣



Had a whole bunch of Avalon Hill and Victory games titles myself, late 70's through mid-80's.

I still do....and newer designs by GMT Games as well.

You the Man!

@tallguy241 OMG, I have just found my people. I have - as far as I can tell - every Advanced Squad Leader expansion/add on/ whatever. And I have a bunch of games on GMT's P500. I also do not believe I will ever have sex again.

@tallguy241 you too are the Man!

@Palindromeman Our local ASL group has published a couple of scenario packs called Melee Packs. I have a couple of scenarios I designed in those.

@tallguy241 OMG, I might just own those. I still have a tonne of boxes to unpack from my move. It get a bit OCD, I hate not knowing where my stuff is...

In any case, ASL is the most absorbing game I have ever played.


Favorite of all time is the Mad Magazine board game! I still have all the parts! Clue and the dark tower are favorites as well

There's a Dark Tower game?

@Palindromeman No relation to the Stephen King books. Hokey '80s gimmick, which was apparently awesome because nobody I knew had a copy, so I missed out.

@Kuildeous Oh, bugger. I loved the SK books. I thought the film was a ridiculous waste of talent and material.

@Palindromeman yeah not the king series but it was still really fun

@Pooska Look, I liked it and even bought the T-shirt (which is cool) but it wasn't the books. Which amazed me; how do you take that source material and not use it better?

@Palindromeman if you're talking about th e movie...... I pretend the movie didn't was like watching something put together by 6th graders high on model glue. The game dark tower from the 89s was kick ass even though it had nothing to do with the books

@Pooska Copy that. I love the first line from The Gunslinger - "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." I'm a scribbler, and I aspire to being able to write something as good as that.


Never died out for me as I've been active in board games all my life.

Currently attend a weekly board game group that meets at a local pub
A board game cafe just opened in town as well.

Hard to pick a favorite game as I enjoy the social interaction of the game. Can be just as happy explaining a game to newcomers as I am playing a game with others.

Ticket to Ride is a good one. A gateway game, I've got some kids into it. Also crystal meth.


I teach high school, and frequently bring in board games for the students to play at lunchtime. The kids really like the social interaction of the games. Currently, I have a group playing a strategy game centered around the "Big Three" Allied leaders in WWII.

Perchance is that game Churchill?

It is indeed! The three playing it are really enjoying it. They play one "conference" per day, and just finished the 4th one/ Normandy has already happened, the Russians are already in Manchuria.

I recall Axis and Allies. That one was fun.

you can play Axis and Allies by email through, it is called WWII....a bit clunky and archaic but at least you get to play against real people at your leisure.

You can also play Axis and Allies (and many other games....even Churchill) by a program called VASSAL


Oh gosh we always play these board games at the senior center, it can get cutthroat sometimes, we are not allowed to bring our canes to the table anymore. They had to ban gambling also, some people were betting their depends and losing, phew! Good games though; Chutes and Ladders, CandyLand , Game of Life, Operation, Battleship.

Hahhahahaa classic!


I love Scrabble. Learned bluffing at the feet of the Master: my older sister. Lynne used Latin roots of words to make up words that sounded real. She explained the meaning. Challenge her at your peril.

Ambi- both, ambidextrous
Aud- to hear. auditory, audience
Bene- good. benefactor, benevolent

To make the game faster with satisfying, high scores, we kids created the Miller Family Rules. I still play by those rules. Adults love it.

Purists would disapprove.


I ❤️ Board games. I used to own many. Now I am
down to Mostly trivia games. I miss playing board games but it’s hard to play board games when you live alone.

Well, now that you mention it - many Euro style games are co-operative. Which means you can play them solo. It works well.

Check out Friday. It's a fun solo game based on Robinson Crusoe.

Check As I and others have said, there are many groups in large cities.


Also, there are multiple Meetup groups for board games in almost every medium to large metro areas, as well as college towns. St. Louis had about 5 Meetips per week for board gamers....but good luck agreeing on what to play.

The group I attend draws 30-50 gamers every week, so folks to break up into the games they wish to play. Some bring games they want to play, others arrive looking for a game. No luck required.


I like trivia board games and Mario


Love ‘em(I’m from the dark ages, myself ?)
I’m a killer backgammon player: seriously, it once caused a breakup.

I once played a game of Diplomacy with some people - the couple almost broke up; she literally left in tears when he shafted her. But, it's Diplomacy, right?


I never really had people to play with. Sure, I had Clue, trivial pursuit, scrabble, but they weren’t the same playing them alone. However, playing them alone, you learn to not favor the black checkers over the red, to remove emotion out of it. It’s hard to remove that bias, though. Play each side in checkers and try to set up a move that the opponent won’t counter. I think it may be impossible to play both sides to their fullest.

I do the same with backgammon. Give no quarter, either: I’m ruthless! Trivial Pursuit, I always liked. There’s Trivia Crack online, but not quite the same.


Risk is my jam. I have every version of it that I could lay my hands on.

Wow! And that would be a lot of versions!


Scrabble? Candyland? Battleship? Uno? Oh & the new CAH! ?

Emme Level 7 Apr 23, 2018

CAH! Hells yes!


I still enjoy board games.


O' man ... I thought I was the only weird one left... Love board games, though didn't ever get to play them as much as I enjoyed doing so ... Video games, on the other hand, no sir, thank you very much, you can keep them. When I was in High school and college after that, way back in the Bronz Age, we played Risk, Diplomacy, Shogun, Junta, Kremlin, Conquest of the Empire, Axis and Allies, not to mention party games like Trivia, Scruples and, of course, card games, though I was never very good at Bridge. Also an avid chess fan ... and I've been amused to see a few friendships 'break-up' in Diplomacy...

You are one of my tribe!

And, yes, I saw a couple almost break up over a game of Diplomacy. She literally left the room in tears.

Go to and find the game groups in your city. Here in Houston, there are a number of groups. Four days a week, if not more, there is some group in the Houston area getting together to play boardgames. Especially, the Euro style games.


I love the old Avalon Hill game Rail Baron. I also like some newer ones, in particular, Splendor and Dominion. Best thing about holidays was sitting around with close family, binging on those games. I miss that, a lot.

Hells yes. I still love Rail Baron.

@Palindromeman Not sure if you know this or not, but there is an excellent online resource that will calculate the paydays for you without having to use that blinding chart, which gets so grueling after so many hours of it. A really cool feature is that there is a multiplier, i.e. 1.5 x original payday, etc. in case you want a game to only last 3 or 4 hours instead of 6 - 8, lol.

@MollyBell Mate, I am still extracting board games from my packing boxes (I have just moved house). At some point I need to dig out Rail Baron and re learn it.


I love Steve Jackson Games for their roleplaying games as well as Munchkin and Castellan.

Munchkin! So much fun.

@Palindromeman And they have a million different versions from Apocalypse to Zombies.


It is great that we have made a circle back around to board games. I grew up on a variety and still love to drag the friends around for them. Especially any role playing games.


I am a bridge player. Never liked video games.


It's not just that board games have come back (I question if they ever left), it's that they've evolved into a bit of a luxury. Kickstarter has some crazy examples of board games that can easily cost over $100 with elaborately molded figures, metal coins, and high-quality illustrations.

It's a welcome change, though my wallet may disagree. Fortunately, I live 4 blocks from a board game pub where I can go to play Scythe or Blood Rage and not have to buy those expensive games, though I honestly just spend the money I save on board games I want in my home.

I learned what good board and card games were like in the early '90s. Settlers of Catan kicked off a new interest, and I find it fascinating to see how games have evolved since then. I like both Euro and Ameritrash games.

Unlike most board game snobs, I do not hate on Monopoly. I do recognize it as not a great game, but I also know that it can be played within 2 hours if the rules are correctly followed.

Oh, I do not question that they ever left. Most people stopped playing them. Avalon Hill got bought out by Hasbro.

I continue to credit the euro games for the comeback. Relatively easy rules but with lots of strategic value. Also good fun. Ticket to Ride remains my gateway game for new players. Also, Smallworld.


I enjoy games played in a group. Also, the 17th century? Man those were the days

We totally rocked back in the 17th century. A lot of liquor and you never had to worry about driving home (although the mule could be obtuse - as mules are). Otherwise, yeah, it was a great upbringing.

So what are your preferred games?

@Palindromeman I like monopoly, apples to apples, backgammon, checkers, Chinese checkers, pictionary, shoots and ladders....basically any game

@LadyAlyxandrea You must check out Smallworld. It's like Risk, but it has a set number of turns and some incredibly combinations of races and powers.


17th century ehh? Anyway I like them, it is just hard to get multiple people together to all play a game they either know how to play and/or enjoy at the same time. Hence, online video games and player vs computer video games. However, games like Monopoly and Risk are not the same without the group, pizza, beer, and "other stuff".

I'm from the clan MacLeod. There can be only one:

@Josephine Well, the Scots do. I just drink their scotch. I also like The Proclaimers:

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