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This article in my little town's news paper will probably create a firestorm of angry letters to the editor. denouncing CRT in the schools. I am proud that the school administrators are working with the largest most successful native tribe to make this happen.

It also proves that for the most part educated Oklahomans are much more progressive than the electorate.


Lorajay 9 Dec 30

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I'm glad some communities are taking the steps to make the truth known. For the communities, districts or states that refuse to bridge the gap, it only means that there will be movies, books and other artful presentations making their way into popular culture, to change attitudes that way, in the long run. A very long run.


It sure disturbs the Republicans when their little Disney fantasies are shown to be just that: cute fantasy stories told only from one side. The truth is not so cute!


Those angry with this are hiding their racism

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 30, 2021
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