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I wonder what Trump's trained monkeys have been up to today.

itsmedammit 8 Jan 6

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Awaiting sentencing. 🙄


Every single one of them should be in prison. I guess this country doesn't take treason and insurrection very serious anymore.


I searched and founda video about the attempt, which like the current attempt, was called a hoax and various other pejoratives.


Some of America’s billionaires paid the January 6th raiders and its organizers.

In the early 1930s, some of America’s millionaires tried to hire the retired Marine Smedley Butler to overthrow the newly-elected Franklin D. Roosevelt. If those millionares’ descendantts were smart, they would have deleted the Business Plot article in Wikipedia.

I have heard that, but I haven't heard any names. Who are they?


To this day I am appalled by the entire Republican party for not wanting to hold anyone responsible for this.

Unity Level 7 Jan 7, 2022

I have no time for insurrectionists and anarchists.

I am appalled too, but no longer surprised by any of them.


Monkey hurl faeces at each other when they are mad at each other. Perhaps that is what they have been doing to each other for the last six months?


What’s amusing about this image is that there were stairs to the right and left of this wall. Those climbers were clearly more interested in making a name for themselves as the next Spiderman than actually getting to the objective in the most direct way. 😂

Were the stairs so crowded that they climbed the wall?

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