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Now, we are up to our ass with water. Floods everywhere, hills collapsing, monkeys and goats flying through the air! Three and a half inches in 24 hours. We need to start drinking some of it.

PondartIncbendog 8 Jan 6

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If you live in the North American Rainforest, I think you have nothing to do but adapt. It is an area where rains are found all year round, being very abundant and causing floods. The environment is pretty wet in tropical rainforests, maintaining a high humidity of 77% to 88% year-round. I have some family friends who live near the rainforest and have a big problem with the humidity there that even enters the house and causes mold through the corners of the rooms. Sometimes it faces water damage due to heavy rains that seem never to stop.


I noticed yesterday that water was across the road going on 12th Place in Warrenton. The first time I have seen this. Even my boss, who has lived here since the '60s said this was the first time. He was driving down the road before the sun came up and did not see the water until he hit it. The water is going up and it is not drinkable, but even if it was it has to go somewhere.


As I understand the geographical area in which you live is a North American rain forest. Adapt or perish. I might suggest you adapt as we d not want to lose your humor.


And wildfires in Colorado. Send some there.

Worst air in the country last year.




Save some, you will be glad of it when the drought hits next month.

If only that could be accomplished easily.

@Lorajay Cistern? In Hawaii some collect rain in massive water containment containers.

@Lorajay I have a 2000 gallon pond.

@Mooolah systems or something that a lot of people probably would be smart too install with climate change looming. Conn's help but sun and air exposure encourage evaporation.

@Lorajay Whats a conn?

@Lorajay There is no air or contamination issue. The cisterns are covered & remain as pure as the rain by various means. Of course rain water used for other purposes such as irrigation, purity is less of a concern as is gray water


Keep yourself safe! Climate change is making weird things happen, but goats and monkeys flying through the air? Reminds me of a flood we had here a few years ago where a herd of bison got washed down the river all the way to the ocean and had to swim onto the the beach and most made it. Crazy times we're living in!

Sure. Goats and Monkeys. Read yur bible gurl.

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