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I see an issue with conservatives in general. Put aside the lower taxes, less government, etc argument for a moment. Conservatives believe in the old ways. They want to move backwards instead of forwards. They like the way things were and are afraid of what is to come. They mostly hate on the other side rather than love on their own side. They lack an understanding of society at large much like the religious. Conservative lack compassion and understanding. They lack vision for the future. They talk about civil war not civility.

In summation conservatives want to move this country and the world back not forward.

FvckY0u 8 Jan 8

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Conservatives will tell you they are concerned about family values. Family values means for them that everyone should have a large family, meaning like Dugar large. They want this as each of the children is supposed to take care of the older people as they age. Thus there is no need for Social Security or Medicare, the children can work and take care of these bills. Now the larger the family, the more one can write off for taxes, thus large families will pay little to no taxes, think of this what you want.
Babies before they are born have to be allowed to live, no abortions or other means to end a possible birth. Birth defects, mistakes made by the natural functions of genetics, cannot allow for a baby to not be born, they have to be allowed to thrive and care for their parents. However, once the child is actually born, then the care moves to the family and all the children that are OK can care for those who are not. Another like function is that women, in the minds of conservatives, do not have the ability to care for themselves without the management of the woman by a man. Women should be the property of the man, women exist for the betterment of the family, the bringing of life to it for the ability of them to work and help out financially for the family.
Now, I have several problems with this. The first is who has the ability to make jobs for all these children to have that will pay well enough for them to pay for all the bills the concepts the conservatives want, at this point the conservatives have basically had control of things politically for the past forty to fifty years. They have been able to put these ideas forward and so far the approximately fourty million unemployed and homeless are available to show for the failure of their policies.
There is much more to the concepts the conservatives want to have put forth, none of them are sustainable and none of them will allow for the future to be anything other than a profit making machine for the rich.


The conservative vision of the way things were never existed


The last conservative administration was senior. Trickle down, maga cult voodoo economics are robbery plain and simple. Republicans today are a kleptocracy not conservatives.

While Trumpism has taken conservatism to new lows, both Republicans and Libertarians base their platforms today on conservatism. Trickle down economics has been front and center to conservative economic policy since Reagan.

A kleptocracy is a system of government while conservatism is a political ideology.


You are paying lower taxes???? You must be a corporation!


They are regressive, not progressive. They are exclusive, not inclusive. They care about their own and everyone else is on their own. They exhibit Detachment Disorder from the greater community.

Cons are unconcerned with the truth unless it benefits them. They don't understand that they lost the Civil War and welcome Round 2. I'll take a loving Christian over a conservative every day of the week.

There aren't many "loving xtians." Quakers tend to be better than most but there are haters even with them.

@Theresa_N Hello. I had the good fortune to live in Canada for 37 years. Some of the finest people I have met in my life have been Christians who loved me and accepted me.

It pains me to say that I tend to prefer the company of religious people because I think they try harder to get along with others because they think they're supposed to. I have yet to meet amy Quakers but take your word, thank you. The real test for me among religious Americans is how they respond when they find out I'm not one of them.

Well I had the bad fortune to spend all of my 66 years in the United States. I have encountered xtian hate over my disbelief, for being effeminate in my youth, for being transgender. I have encountered this among perhaps 90% of xtians. The 10% were almost all from liberal denominations such as Friends General Conferance. Transphobia is not exclusive to xtians but they are by far the majority in the US. But there are atheists, agnostics, pagans, and new age believers who share in this hate and misunderstanding.

@Theresa_N Ouch! I don't understand why people are so cruel when loving thy neighbor feels so much better. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your experience with me. I don't want to make any cliche remarks but I do hate that you were treated in this manner each and every time it happened to you. Expecting people to be a certain way rather than encouraging diversity and acceptance makes no sense to me. My hope is that as religiosity declines, humanity will develop and flourish.


brakechecker types. self righteous hazard.


They resist truth and reality in order to sustain their beliefs, that alone will clash with society. Whether it is political or religious beliefs, who cares what believers believe, they are insane.

This post I wrote may help you to see why: "Humankind has evolved to the point that they are conscious of their own mortality."

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