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This makes me wonder how many health care workers have died of COVID.

JennyRad 7 Jan 11

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Apparently, people do not realize that health people can get sick also.


Some do not understand that even us vaxxed folks can contract the virus. The inoculations help patients survive the infection. Then there are those who say "I beat it so I'm not worried." Yeah. But I am. Those that die are mostly not vaccinated.



Here is a partial list... really just the first year, from March 2020 to March 2021...


Very sad to see. I have heard of many that quit because they are overwhelmed and with many unvaccinated coming in not believing in Covid or the vaccine. But they will believe in an invisible god in the sky.

@Retiredsteve We had 4 quit or took extended leaves in 2020. Had a couple of people also get hit pretty hard early on. One in particular was out for almost 6 months with chronic breathing issues.


My nephew is a medical examiner and heads a large team of paramedics. He says he has lost several good workers to Covid.

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 11, 2022

One would be one too many.


I saw this as his wife was next to him. But now I see the point, that our caregivers are sick too.

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