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I once drove from Limestone, PA to Fredonia, NY in a snowstorm with the car window broken in the down position in freezing 30° weather. It gets worse; the heater wasn't working and the windshield wiper motor burned out about 20 mins into the drive so I had to steer with my head out the window to see where I was going. It was about a 120 mile trip. At least it stopped snowing about 40 miles into it.

What was your worst driving experience?

Sgt_Spanky 8 Jan 14

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I once drove from Livingston, Montana, to Ft Lyon, Colorado while in a snow storm. Kind of fun as I was to young to be smart enough to go back home. Made the trip and then drove back about two days later, not in a storm. At night it was easy to see the road way as it was to only flat part of the scenery, and there were reflectors. One car accident where the car drove off the road and into a snow drift, walked over to see if I could help but the people were gone. There must have been a car far ahead that I could not see the rear lights of. All in all a good trip, would not do it again. Oh, I was in a VW beetle, 1969 red.


Driving home in a blizzard in the hills of West Virginia and getting held up at the bottom only to see a log truck coming down the mountain behind you. It gives one the urge to change one's underwear.


500 km with a smashed windscreen that we couldn't fix because it was a weekend and because we didn't have the money. It was about 7decC though.


Whoa... 120 miles with no window in 30° weather...

Couldn't park next to house as driveway was steep and icy, so parked beside windy road. Time to go to work, keyhole was frozen solid. Had to break front window with sledge hammer and drive eight miles to work freezing.

Doesn't it suck to be frozen inside??? Just a few days ago, even a pry-bar couldn't get me out.


left arm got toasted driving across the Mojave. summer, no ac, no good sense, didn't even think about sunscreen. cooked.


Um... when I was seven I accidentally stole a tractor and crashed it down an embankment.

Hey, as long as you had fun.

"accidentally stole".....getcha every time.

@Paracosm. Sorry re: the tractor incident.
At age 15, people asked me to move old truck away from a barn.
Hadn't driven with stick shift and clutch.
Drove into a deep ditch.

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