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Thank you to all the nurses who have been bravely fighting this pandemic for more than 2 years now.

SnowyOwl 7 Jan 17

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As l have said before, nurses are the heart and soul of a hospital. I spent a month in the hospital in the 90s, so l know of this in a very personal way.



We love u guys . We never gonna quit . We gonna keep working until this shit is over 💪💪💪


Thank u man


A real thank you would be to give them some relief but I can't do more than encourage vaccination and that obviously is not working.

We should be encouraging them to be true to their beliefs and not go to the hospital.

Recall the professionals who have been mandated out of jobs. Not for breaking laws either, not locked up or fined, just no longer welcome. Relief is available through them.
So what you can also do is encourage the removal of mandates for hospital staff.
As I keep saying, different story if these medicines stopped transmission. They do not.

@puff I work on a trauma level 1 hospital . We employ more than 800 nurses . Absolutely none got fired from not getting vaccinated . Just like the flu shot , if u refuse , u have to present religious or medical reasoning . U get a written up ( u can get 3 of these per 12 rolling months / year ) , and u keep working . Where do u get your info ?

@Pralina1 Australia. Don't have a bill of civil rights here.

@Pralina1 FYI []

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