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Dawkins gave free copies of the book in Muslim nations

St-Sinner 9 Jan 25

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'useful' -- I agree.

I have always contended that the Soviet Union/Stalin weren't atheist, just using the "opiate of the masses". 😛


I liked the book. To show how dumb some of the religious are I mentioned to a co-worker that I hated life celebrations or funerals where people claim the dead are with friends now talking, etc., etc. My coworker friend replied that some people are more spiritual than others. People like this need free copies of the Dawkins book.

Yeah that always boggles my mind how people think all these dead people are having a party and talking with each other up in heaven. I think it takes more spirituality to imagine the feeling of being comforted by the silence and maybe that our memories of these folks are happy at home in our hearts. We can keep their spirits alive by remembering them, talking about them and enjoying the things they enjoyed. The focus should be on the survivors, not worrying about whether the dead will be able to find each other.


Why only there?


I think that the above is attributed to Lucius Annaeus Seneca, a stoic philosopher. Of course, any popular, widely held belief may be considered useful by rulers.

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