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Those mocking and celebrating the deaths of the un-vaxxed. What you going to do about this guy?

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puff 7 Jan 26

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Anything from RT is not fit to line the parrot cage floor!


... send a bouquet of turds?

I mean, that's an option right?


IT's RT again. Russian Today is Putin's tentacle into our minds.

R.T. Is usually reliable except when reporting Domestic issues. I neither dance on nor mourn a dead anti-vaxxer. They are their own worst enemies.

@Wangobango3 It is never reliable. It is RT which lures people in with occasional reliability. Study the history of propaganda & misinformation dispensation. Pox Spews was once "reliable". Don't fall for their bait suggesting they are "reliable". Putin's is KGB which knows the tactics for lowering one's guard. Gee. You were easy.


Karma can be a bitch, especially when it turns on you, for wishing harm upon others!!!


Who cares! People make choices every day and we have to live with them. I don't agree with his decision but I also don't celebrate his death either. I'm more upset at the people who know better and still puke up the lies. Decisions have consequences, good or bad.


Though I feel a bit of empathy for ant family’s loss, I didn’t know him before this , so why should I care now?

Also, whether he was a sports champion or janitor supporting his family should not matter.


I spent five days in that same hospital. They got me well despite the fact that their equipment was from the 1930sl If Orban had spent more time educating the people in his country about covid instead of constantly reving up his base by teaching them to hate immigrants, this might not have happened.


To those refusing vaccines & reading RT published articles there is an expression for you - "Stupid twats".
The day that you stop learning is the day you die.

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