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Critical Race Theory


PBuck0145 7 Feb 7

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The past is to be learned from, not to be avenged.

CRT is akin to the mythical Ultra radical feminism that advocates for locking up men at five years old (because penis = potential rapist)or the idea of the so called equally mythical "Gay Mafia" or "Trans agenda"

A massive over reaction a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.


1)Make it obvious that ALL laws Apply to ALL People and and law breakers will be prosecuted objectively based only on THEIR ACTIONS and INTENT. Be in laws defensive and assertive as a society not aggressive.
2) In school teach all actual history warts and all acknowledge it. Then learn from it by seeing why it is no longer the case and how it was corrected or improved upon.
3) Install a meritocracy in all work places where positions and promotions are based on only results and FAIR competition NOT on quotas.
4) Stop promoting violence and fear as ideals and virtues, instead promote positive values for all, happiness, love, tolerance and above all kindness.

I agree and think that a meritocracy is an excellent idea. Where better to begin than the institution of government. We could begin with our elected representatives and hold them accountable for their promises and pledges as set forth in their political mandates.

Perhaps a perecentage scoring system could be drawn up and serve to determine whether or not an MP is eligble for re-election by local consitutents based upon their performance. However, I doubt that such would be welcome. It works well in the market place where employees are subject to annual reviews.

Of course, it may not be easy to set up such a system and doubtless it would not be in the interest of elected members of parliament, it might further restrict their opportunities for financial gain. I believe that it is not so easy these days to claim for moat maintenance in expenditure submissions.


So your "evidence" is something PragerU cherry picked off The View.

The video presentation contains no evidence to supoort the claims therein. However, there is ample evidence of glossing over the facts and base rhetoric. That anyone could believe the propaganda of that video could only be because they lack critical thinking skills or inveterate beliefs have a stanglehold on their mind.


It's not about teaching white people to feel guilt its about being honest and truthful about the past. Hiding the atrocities of the past is disingenuous and the equivalent of sticking your head in the sand and pretending these awful things did not happen.

We must learn from history not ignore it or pretend it didn't happen. You confront the mistakes of the past, bring them to light so that these awful things never happen again.

I think that those who fear CRT are scared that they might feel some tiny iota of guilt or embarrassment or might anciently feel some small shred of understanding for other people. This is the mindset of small people, cowards, and self-centered trash.

Factual history needs to be taught, While CRT discloses some truths, it iis largely leftist proselytizing..

@PBuck0145 In what way is CRT "leftist proselytizing"?

A part of history is understanding what happened and why it happened and not glossing over facts, whitewashing facts, or ignoring facts just because they are uncomfortable or unpleasant.

@Charles1971 Robin DiAngelo ("White Fragility" ) charges an average of $14,000 per speech...
Do you think people pay that much only to get a history lesson in return , where she tells the audience that, yes, there has been a lot of racial discrimination in th epast and, yes, there still is racial discrimination going on?
There is definitely more to CRT than just this piece of applied history.


leftist proselytizing"? Huh👀

I've posted this before.


This is what conservative opponents of critical race theory don't want you to know - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

As @Charles1971 says:

"A part of history is understanding what happened and why it happened and not glossing over facts, whitewashing facts, or ignoring facts just because they are uncomfortable or unpleasant."

I couldn't agree with him more. He's spot-on!


A perfect response indeed👏

@TimeOutForMe A well written and informative article.

@ASTRALMAX recently it was spoken about in the UK, that kids should learn about the dreadful inhumane history brought on by human beings on other human beings of colour. AND their was an uproar amongst conservatives. Whyyyyyyyyy. It's the TRUTH. Pupils are learning about the prejudices of "APARTHEID" in the classrooms here in South Africa too. See it as a positive. THE TRUTH HAS A WAY OF SURFACING, no matter how long they wish to keep it under the carpet!


Prager u..... Please... Crt,.. Teaching actual history

Oh, come-on... Prager U is just as reliable a source as The Epoch Times... (Why not cite something from Bob Jones University?)

@racocn8 right up there with newsmax

@racocn8 Or straight from the good book

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