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Do you have a secret life?

TerriCity 7 Apr 23

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Yes its a secret πŸ˜‰

No it's

@kenriley hahaha


Yes i do. I am a sensation dominatrix looking for a suitable submissive who will allow me the pleasure of torturing them by making them feel really, really good to the point stopping is painful...and now its not a secret anymore...guess i can forget the leather corset & the 6 inch stilletto throw-me-down-&-fuck-me-pumps.

You are an exciting woman.....

@nicknotes that is kind of you to say but...I am a lot of things, just not sure if exciting is 1 of them.

@nicknotes, @SallyInStitches Now I'm excited

Marry me.

@Secretguy oh i'm not the marrying kind. Tried it once, didn't like it. We can, however, wallow in sin & piss off my conservative christian family.

@SallyInStitches All I know is I read your comment, and I got excited. Your prose certainly connected with something in my brain.


I can't even get this one under control


Pshh, I don’t even have much of a known one.


Yes, I'm secretly Jesus taking names for Daddy.

Burn, heathens, burn.



I don't have a secret life, but I have a really rich internal dialogue, I spend a lot of time in my own head, and that feels like a secret life to me. Even though it's not.


I once heard an old man wish happiness to a newly-wed couple. One of the things he told them was that β€œthere will always be secrets (between you).” In a way he is correct. We ourselves are mysteries to ourselves. We cannot express what we don’t know about ourselves. So my answer to your question is that yes, I lead a secret life, and it’s so secret that I don’t even know it myself.


Inside my head, yes. Outside my head...not so much. But it is so much fun inside my head that it doesn't matter that I'm pretty much dull as dirt to the rest of the world. Keeps them away! πŸ™‚


Why would I want to do that lol ? I am very careful who gets in ..


I could tell you, but then...


I believe we each have a 'secret' self. We have the Public Self, the Private Self and the Secret Self. The stories we tell each other and ourselves are just that, from the Public Self. We keep the Private Self hidden, and the Secret Self remains - a realm of sunbeams and shadows.


Sadly, no.


Born on November........... That's all the answer you need.

Khmm Level 5 Apr 24, 2018

I barely have enough time for this one, let alone a secret one.


I used to.


Nope. Just a lonely one lol


Yes... I'm an agnostic.


If l tell you, it won't be a secret. That is kinda how it works.


That's all I have.

How mysterious!


A bit. There are things that I am still somewhat closeted about. If we lived elsewhere it would not be nearly as closeted...but is for now.




Yes !!!!.... On that life my name is IamNobody....shhhh.... don't tell anyone ??


No, who has the time and energy to maintain a "secret" life, sometimes it's all I can do to maintain my life as it is.

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