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Mormons or Jahovahs witnesses.. What group is worse??

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notconvinced887 4 Feb 11

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Also the Mormons control the entirety of the west coast.

It was a matter of time before I found myself working at one of their Hollywood hotels.

So I might be biased.


I voted Jehovah's Witness as MORE EVIL because of their : child rape , shunning , anti-medicine, anti-education , black-listing of critics and mandatory subscription to their fake news media that they litter the streets with.

Despite all of their ties to political conspiracies, infidelity, assassinations and anti-government insurrections : the Mormons at least make a effort to bury their racist history by abducting black people and giving them low paying jobs until they can get their life together. They even allowed black citizens to be ministers, something that was forbidden when the cult was new. My formerly black roommate who was sick with COPD got a job at the Mormon thrift store for a few years before he went to college to become a registered nurse.

Meanwhile, the Jehovah's witness group is still the same speculatory doomsday station that makes Alex Jones sound sane by comparison. Also, they indirectly killed the man who was formally known as Prince .


That is a toss-up.


Where da F is the "all of the above and More" button?!?


Why limit the poll to JUST two religions ?
. . . false dichotomy 😛


Well, if the Mormons didn't exist, Parker and Stone wouldn't have been able to give us The Book of Mormon, so...

I can't relate to musicals. I saw Hamilton and to be honest, I hated it. It's me. Everybody else loved it. If I were actually going to see a musical again, it would be The Book of Mormon.

@barjoe Even without seeing it can't you appreciate the existence of a smash hit musical that mocks the fuck out of religion?


It depends on which group is knocking on my door.


It's pretty much a toss up to me. I do regret setting foot in the Mormon church those 2 times.

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