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Seen on fbuk this morning & IMO very appropriate given all the Americans currently in denial of their conditioning: -

for @Fearlessfly, @Tejas, @Wordywalt2, @Alienbeing

FrayedBear 9 Feb 19

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“ Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel." S.Johnson

Johnson was not talking about patriotism generally when he said this, he was directly mocking William Pitt and his hypocritical self-serving jingoism


@FrayedBear Don't lump me with @Tejas spelled wrong btw, but don't tag a bunch people on your post to try and make a point. What is you purpose for doing that?

Thanks for the correction.

It is a post that I thought you could comfortably have an opinion over.

@FrayedBear Someone who loves their country is not a bad person. I agree that it's random what country a person was born on. I still think it borders on trolling to tag people on a post in an attempt to prod them to respond.

@barjoe Picking up on your theme, I am an Anglo-Aussie (a dual national) but I am enamoured of France. I find that there is something about French culture that is missing from both the other two countries.

@anglophone All three countries have great wine🍷 What would be missing? Do we bathe too much?

@barjoe You want excellent wine? Try Portugal!

(He drowned in a vat of Malmsey wine.)


Do not confuse patriotism with nationalism. Patriotism is not a flag in one's yard. It is upholding the principles on which the Constitution has permitted us to evolve. I will not permit my country's flag to represent nationalists without my opposition. My father fought those bastards on the shores of Normandy so as we won't have to fight them on our soil. Well guess what. They are sneaking in. Hitler went to prison. It did not stop him.

Elon Musk Criticized for Bizarre Meme Comparing Justin Trudeau to Hitler
The Tesla CEO posted a meme of a photo of Hitler with the text: 'Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau. I had a budget.' Musk later deleted the tweet


That reminds me of the answer given by a former SS officer at his war crimes trial, when asked what he thought Hitler would be remembered for, the completely unironic and serious answer was
"The wonderful way he dealt with unemployment"

Some people are just so blinkered and out of touch with reality you can do nothing but laugh


Hitler and Trudeau are not all bad. Trudeau legalized pot.


. They take 12 years of indoctrination camp and the rest of their lives being programed into the system. About 80*% of people spend most of their waking hours of their lives not liking their job

Can't imagine any other greater way to waste one's life, than not loving what they do..

You certainly didn't do that!


Thank you, keep up optimistic outlook too.


"My country, right or wrong" is a phrase used by bigoted imbeciles.


Patriotism caused Hitler to succeed. Too much "love of one's country" makes people behave in odd ways. They don't think anyone has the right to burn a flag= freedom of expression. They are probably much nicer to machine gun killers than people who don't have a flag waving in the front yard.
Too much of anything isn't good. Patriotism leads people to think they're better than everyone else. They aren't.

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