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Bit of a contraversial move.. Don't think it should really be legal anywhere personally .. any thoughts ? The area is frought with ill fitting medications.


Nickbeee 8 Apr 24

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I was prescribed Valproic Acid (I think I got that right) which has to be close to the same thing. The VA almost always does generic. I started getting tremors. My shrink told me that wasn't one of the side-effects & upped my dose. The tremors got much worse. I just stopped & the tremors passed. never went to that ass again. Was told by a pharmicist after that indeed, tremors were a side-effect for many! At any rate, did we learn nothing from thalidomide!


We had so many patients on this for Mental health issues and I did medication education with all patients. Every single day.

Never once knew that Depakote could cause birth defects. This needs to be on the prescribing bottle - at the very least!

At the very least is right!

@phxbillcee I mean we had a PDR a Nurse's Drug Reference and access to shrinks and a Nurse Practitioner? WTH?

Obviously this was a well kept secret! Gees... It was too early to get angry earlier - now I've had my coffee I'm a bit po'd!

Actually helped a client through a pregnancy without her meds. once? So we knew about some of them!

@RavenCT I know! Unconscionable! Profits over life? It's one thing to state that strict birth-control during use is required. It's another to keep quiet about it!


Valproate is an effective treatment for epilepsy, bipolar disorder and migraine. For some women with epilepsy, it may be the only effective treatment option.

But the drug carries a 10% chance of causing physical abnormalities and a 30-40% risk of developmental problems such as autism and developmental delay in children born to mothers who take it. In the UK alone, around 20,000 children have been harmed since valproate was introduced in the 1970s.

Earlier this year, the European Medicines Agency recommended that valproate should not be used in pregnancy unless the woman has epilepsy that has not responded to alternative medications. It should not be prescribed to women of childbearing age unless they use contraception. But surveys show that many women with epilepsy are still unaware of the risks.

cava Level 7 Apr 24, 2018

My first of 3 miscarriages happened when I was still on Valproic Acid, 20 years ago. I wonder if it was related?


Apparently it’s a very effective treatment for some.

KenG Level 6 Apr 24, 2018

But not as effective as some! there are no 100% effective epilepsy medicines 😉

Personally for me there is 0 available treatment ... part from the illegal one!

Of the people it does work with it is no means 100% effective and as I said fraught with issues. Just one of those things!!

There is no such thing as very effective epilepsy treatment .. it's like saying it can be cured.


In the UK cannabis is illegal but can be used to successfully treat many forms of Epilepsy .. however some of the medications that are legal have side effects such as this above article.

Many of the medications in the field are ill fitting and only work on aprox 70% of patients in any given area.. Then within that group many have very difficult side effects ..

It took me forty years to stabilize mine successfully!


Hmmmm. I know there are a few medications in the US that have similar compliance guidelines. Ones that have shown to cause birth defects. The main one that comes to mind is Accutane, an acne medication.

Okay not heard of that ... Though this one was bizarre as they previously offered it as long at you take birth control and sign a wavier !!!

That is pretty grim when CBD is going to do a better job and is illegal ! Think this one is still available in most of Europe to !! 😮

@Nickbeee In the US it is likely a liability issue. People love to sue frivolously, taking little personal accountability.


I'm still convinced these things should be left between patients and their doctors.


Sorry folks I thought posted a link but it maybe deleted it by accident !!


Need u to finish post. If they would just legalize weed-no side effects? Are u taking it legally?

Ahh thanks I posted a link I thought! .. well I know I did lol


What don't you think should be legal?

I thought hd posted the link but not!

Ill fitting Medication, like LSD and Crack ?

@Nickbeee I've been noticing a few bugs today on the forum, and I had difficulty posting a link yesterday -- in fact, I couldn't, so you probably did and a bug gobbled it up.

@VAL3941 LSD, in controlled circumstances, may be useful for a number of emotional/mental issues. I agree that Crack has not been shown to have many if any, positive medical benefits.

@phxbillcee I suppose it also depends on who's crack we talking about ?

@VAL3941 different story entirely! THAT type of crack has been shown to be not only beneficial but part of our Minimum Daily Requirements!

@phxbillcee Well said. CRACK iz CRACK ! It all goes to the head ? ?


Topic please?

Sorry, high on meds !

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