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Why does sexism exist in atheism? Without a bible or Quran to raise one believing women are meek and helpless things and men are required to be strong and aggressive leaders, why does it still exist in our (lack of) religion? It happens a lot less, but I've seen enough of it to get frustrated. Men don't have to be giant emotionless balls (hah) of testosterone and women don't have to be dropping everything to make a man feel manly.

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Apr 24

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I think sexism/misogyny pre-dates religion, tho I believe religion, in most cases, exacerbated it. Unfortunately, atheism does not confer 'sainthood', or even common sense in other matters. It is not even directly linked to Humanism, tho most Humanists do seem to be atheists. Atheism is but one particular outlook, the disbelief in a god or gods. No other traits, positive or negative necessarily come along with that.

I've read in my publications that the origins of the transition from Hunter and gatherer's to tribes has more to do with matriarchal tribes. Think about it. As mammals, or any animal in general, the pregnancy length of 9 months is extremely long to be wandering about.


It exists everywhere, it's time this shit disappears from society!

Coldo Level 8 Apr 24, 2018

I would say it’s mostly cultural and has little to do sometimes with religion. A lot of music, movies, TV shows, books, plays and video games are guilty of reinforcing these notions of what it means to be a women or a man.


I think religion is used to enhance sexism. I don't think religion created sexism.

And people are jerks. White people, black people, brown people, Republicans, Democrats, fans of the Cubs, fans of the Dodgers, Jews, Catholics, Baptists, Hindus, pagans and on and on.

People don't need much of an excuse to want to fall into an -ism.


Exists where? In the forums?

In America?

Atheists are still members of society, potentially with all the flaws except one—religion.

This is the problem of broad, sweeping generalizations of any group of people.

And that’s why you cannot state Atheists are inherently better or different based on the single marker of simply being Atheist.

Atheists are a minority in all countries, punished by death in some.

How would you expect them to exert enough political power to do anything?

—even if so inclined.

And, atheists may well be racist, sexist, any other ‘ist’ you’d like.

Non/Belief in God is one nearly trivial marker in the collective of social constructs that create an individual.

Would atheists have a religious basis for discrimination? Probably not.

That doesn’t imply they don’t for other reasons.


Even though I was never really a believer, I realized as I got older that a lot of the cultural views I'd picked up were actually based on religion. I think societal ideals are insidious and we often don't consider their origin or validity. Of course, it would have been difficult for me to determine that so much was influenced by religion, if I hadn't studied some out of curiosity.i

JimG Level 8 Apr 24, 2018

Social constructs?


Atheism is just the lack of a belief in a god. Nothing else.

KenG Level 6 Apr 24, 2018

Atheism doesn't inoculate one against stupidity

Orval Level 3 Apr 24, 2018

Or selfishness


Atheists are mostly deconverts from one of the Abrahamic faiths, which are patriarchal and sexist. And even the atheists that aren't deconverts, exist in a social milieu that is steeped in and dominated by those religious memes. There is no reason to expect that atheists are especially immune to those influences. Anyone in that environment has to push back and work to exise bad assumptions and attitudes from their thinking.


I think you hit the nail right on the head with testosterone. Being in gyms for a large part of my life and reading on how the chemical changes the brain is interesting. It is absolutely the warrior hormone. The reason why removing religious perspective doesn't enhance a man's ability to see a woman as an equal is because they are not removing a misogynistic idea, they are just remove a misogynistic moral compass. Most men then gravitate towards an even more aggressive interpretation of life or survival like a Darwainian a "Survival of the fittest" which only perpetuates the problem. Consciousness isn't gender based. It's learned intently and most people just aren't conscientious. Regardless of gender.


There was a time when such thinking was true and it enabled us to survive. The problem is that condition existed for (throwing out a number for effect only) 99.999% of the total time we've been walking upright. What that means is the behavior is essentially hardwired and breaking the "habit" ain't easy.

From what I have seen during my lifetime, I would say that considerable progress has been made, but we have a long way yet to go. Religions (most of them) perpetuate this notion and most atheists I have known come to us from religious backgrounds. Lately, I'd say the percentages are changing and more atheists are here without the baggage. It may not arrive during your life, but it will come. I can't imagine anything occurring that will reverse the trend.


Idk but I'm full up on it today. Having one of those "I don't even want to look at a man much less talk to one" moments.

Okay, just whisper in my ear!!!


Atheism is not a thing, so Sexism does not exist in it.
Sexism exists in the overarching society.
Atheists also exist in the overarching society.
Apparently the groups overlap.

The sexist concepts propagated by religion don't just stem from religion, but also from social norms going back thousands of years.
Until quite recently there were laws on how savagely you were allowed to beat your wife.
Women are STILL bought and sold in this nation, illegally, but it happens.

That is not all religion, nor a single religion or religious sect, but many sexist influences mixed into a heady social brew we all are weened on.
So if someone manages to reason themselves out of religious thought, it does not imply they are not still drunk with the brew of sexism.


I've never understood it. To me, all people are people. As for Leaders, I feel women are much more fit to lead than men.


Geeze.... i don't see this in my friends. I know its out there. Just not in my neck of the woods. Or in my jobs. I stood next to females that knew what they were doing. Like starting up equipment and looking for problems. Tearing down equipment and rebuilding it to spec. That includes the machine of parts. I think its ashame that females are listed as weak. Ive never met this in females that i dated or married. If anything i helped them with thier courage to expand the horizon. My second wife. I bought her a Harley. Thats after i helped her understand how to drive a motorcycle. My third wife just learned how to drive my diesel truck. Its over 30 foot long. We learn and we teach. Thats my motto.


It should be noted for the purposes of this discussion that there is a big difference between what goes on in the bedroom and what goes on in the boardroom.

Women still fantasize about being swept away by muscle bound beefcakes who ride in on white stallions. If this weren't the case, romance novels wouldn't be, far and away, the most lucrative selling genre on the planet.

Men, on the other hand, still fantasize about being that muscle bound beefcake who rides in on a white stallion. Watch any male centric hollywood action film sometime and you can virtually guarentee that there will be some sort of lame romance sub plot tacked on where the hero rescues a damsel in distress.

The truth is, when it comes to what goes on in the bedroom, we're all basically still apes.

Fortunately, in developed countries, this dychotomy no longer bleeds over quite as much in to the work force. If it did, we'd still be using mules to plow the fields and throwing our shit out of our windows in to troughs in the streets.

It is entirely possible for women in developed nations to hold positions of authority and prominent responsibility these days, although we still need to close that stupid, ever present wage gap.


I will assume that most of you have not read Merlin Stone's book When God Was a Woman. I think it should be required reading in high school. I would love to talk about the major premise of this book with people who have read it.

I haven't read it but it's now on my list of new purchases. And I'll get back to you. Might be a bit. 5 books ahead of it right now.

@Fibonacci1618 Great to hear that you have actually heard of it. It was quite controversial when it came out and a favorite of the feminist clan ( of which I am one)

@Spinliesel I was a womanizer and a closed minded misogynist for a short period in my youth and now I do my best keep myself informed. My youngest sister is quite the feminist and reader so I get really good recommendations.

@Fibonacci1618 Love your t shirts!
Sisters are a great way to have to adjust your attitude about women. I was the oldest child and had two brothers.


Is kind of curious myself. Sexism seem alive and well in other society as well. Religion might not be the reason, it just might tap sexism as a recruiting tool. You see sexism in science as well. Rosalind Franklin is probably one of the most famous cases.

JeffB Level 6 Apr 24, 2018

Sexism exists in society, with or without religion.


Basically, social inertia.

How many centuries do we have behind us where women were relegated to the background? It's not going to change overnight. I am NOT saying this means it's ok for now, it's not. I am saying that it will take some time, and some more struggle, before we get it right AND before our instincts, our natural reactions, are where they should be.

Thoughts of my readings on the Scandinavian countries are bubbling up. There is some mention of women being frustrated because the men are the opposite of aggressive when it comes to pursuing them. The women are having to take the lead. Eventually, this will be ironed out and when we are interested in another, we'll be able to just mention it and move forward according to our mutual interest. THIS is the sort of bubble I am talking about. We are changing things and our cultural norms have to catch up, along with how WE act and react within them.

We'll get there. Maybe not next week, but soon. 🙂


Where there are males in positions of power, there will be sexism.


All atheism is, is the disbelief in a god. It is possible to be an atheist and a sexist as they are not mutually exclusive. I would say that there are many sociological factors from the day we are born that shape the way we view the opposite of sex. I would say most people are sexist in some way (probably even me, sadly) but not in a hate filled way, just an ignorant way. I think major changes have happened for the better, however, I do think it is an undeniable fact that society is bias against women, and therefore major changes need to continue to happen


Is it sexism because many or most women still enjoy having their door opened and the heavy bag carried. I'm not going to try to answer that. I'm going to continue to enjoy doing that and striving to be their equal. Add in liberal doses of respect, sharing and caring and it's a wonderful world we all live in.

I think it's sexist to expect it of men. I hold doors open and carry bags for men. I do it for women. It shouldn't be EXPECTED just because I'm a woman that a man should do it. Anyone should regardless of gender because it's just a nice thing to do


Sorry, is that still a thing?

I hear ya... hell... maybe it is...


The men have to be manly men I believe it’s because men of my generation had it beaten in to us. And it is still beaten into some of the younger generations. I still have problems crying in front of people I didn’t cry for 3 week while I was in West Virginia while my dad passed away and during his funeral. It wasn’t until I got back home in Florida my ex wife had gotten my son and I was alone in the house was I able to let my self greave and finally cry for my dad. And as far as atheist men being sexist just because you don’t believe in god doesn’t mean you’re not a asshole. Heck religion was invented to control people and mostly women. I believe it is in men’s DNA want to control their wife or girlfriend. Goes back to primitive time we want control of the weman around us to spread our seed. It takes enlightenment to get past that. That’s just my theory anyway. Based upon what I have observed in life.

Please, please...woman or women, not "weman." Hurts my eyes.

@hemingwaykitten thanks for pointing that out I didn’t catch it

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