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This my brother Stephen, today I took him to a park.It was a beautiful spring day here in Boston.
It was the 1st time in 15 months he's been outside.
It was time well spent..I got him stoned and happy!

Charlene 9 Apr 24

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It was indeed..


I love this. Good for you sis..

Thanks sis..


He looks so happy. You’re a good sister

Thank you..I try to make life a little more pleasant for him..


It's good to be outside, stoned, and happy.

It was awesome to finally bring him Outside..he's been fighting so hard..also it was fun to break the law with him.

@Charlene I have to stay stoned on cannabis oil..I also have cancer, and it's been reducing it slowly over the past few months. But even with natural methods I've had almost constant nausea and loose bowels..very miserable. So I take walks, climb stairs, do pull ups, read Kindle books, watch Netflix, and keep myself as happy as I can manage.

@birdingnut I am so so sorry to here that Birding..I hope your fight against cancer succeeds.much love and understanding sis.

@Charlene Thanks. It's a nightmare. But every pain/nausea free hour, sometimes even a minute, I consider a win. Staying happy and managing to get at least two meals a day down is my daily goal.

@birdingnut we just went to his oncologists, my brother has decided to forgo any further was devastating, yet a relief from the not knowing...I am glad to hear that you're eating, it's important to help keep up your immune system.


Lucky guy! I'll have to talk to my wife about taking me out and getting me stoned and happy.

gearl Level 7 Apr 24, 2018

I try to make his end of life as easy as possible..and stoned is his preferred choice for de-stressing...


Mission accomplished

Indeed it was..when I got him back inside , he started to cry a I popped a bit of a "brownie" in his mouth..20 minites and a bunch of hugs..he fell a sleep..with a smile on his face..which made me smile .

2 was a nice day-I'm an hour from Brookline.

Your in NH? It was probably Warmer where you're at!


A good day to be outside for Stephen. Soak up those rays and Vitamin D. ?

We couldn't stay out for long..but 30 minutes in the air did pick his spirits up a bit..

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