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Today the FL governor signed the "don't say gay" bill into law. Makes me wonder if we should be having "don't say god" bills put forth.


FvckY0u 8 Mar 28

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The Law has nothing to do with "don't say gay". It prohibits any sexual instruction in Public Schools prior to 4th grade. Since I or no one I ever knew had sexual urges prior to 4th grade that really is ot an issue.


Funny thing is the ones that claim to believe in all our freedoms are the ones taking our freedoms away. And those people keep getting reelected based on that "the other side" is taking your freedoms🤭


What’s freedom of speech if we not allowed to say things ☹️


DeSantis is just a Trumpelthinskin wannabe.


No. Everyone in a FL school should use the word gay as often as possible. Find reasons to use it. Go to Court and say, “The law is gay so Fuck you.”


So what’s the punishment for a 7 year old that talks about his lesbian aunt to a friend at school? Suspension? 30 days in the Florida state penitentiary?

A vicious smash around the head with a baseball bat wielded by Ron DeSantis.


Does the malevolence of such people arise from their god being a genocidal maniac?

I think that accounts for some of it, at least.


Should the next bill be a "Don't think for yourself" bill?

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.


I defend the freedom of speech


Someone needs to start a don't vote DeSantis campaign.


We can always wish and dream for such things, but I personally believe it would be a waste of emotion.


I don't believe this will make it through the courts, and he knows it, but the Florida Gov is trying to pull the base toward him for a Presidential run.

Yes. That’s exactly it.


Desantis is a miserable scumbag.

I'd freakin' LOVE a bill restricting the use of the word "god" in public matters.

I've posted this: "Please keep YOUR religion out of MY government" at least a hundred times in the past decade on a half dozen sites.

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