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Since 1949 the USA has been involved in 72 attempted and actual regime changes throughout the world, 66 covert operations (now publicly admitted) and 6 openly admitted.
SO Was Biden talking out of school when he said "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power"


LenHazell53 9 Mar 31

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No, he was just subtextually calling for attempted regime change number 73.


Shhh. Nobody's supposed to remember Iraq.
Having said that I completely disagree with you. Even if one only looks at the advantageous side of it. It shows his humanity, for the left, and puts the right in a knot trying to create a problem. POTUS Joe is getting lots of high end support.


Given Putin's indifference to murder and trying to murder various opposition, assassination should be considered to be on the table. Look at how he recently tried to poison the diplomats negotiating for Ukraine.

I am in no way defending Putin, who I find a despicable excuse for a human being.
However, as was the fact in the past, Hitler being a monster did not make Churchill and Roosevelt saints which they were not, just the same Putin being a foul fuck does make Biden or even Zelensky an Angel. I would find it a safe bet to wager heavily in favour of being unable to find a single "successful" politician anywhere in the world who was not corrupt and or dangerous to a greater or lesser extent.
How long has it been in the UK or the USA since the choice presented was not a case of having to vote for the lesser evil?


Biden was not announcing a regime change intent. That's just what the corporate media decided to feed us.

He said
"“Now is a time when things are shifting. There’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it. And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

He said
"For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power"

What do you need him to do? Must walk in to the Kremlin with a missile on his back? Or would you still say "“Now is a time when things are shifting,”

What more does he have to do and say
Does he have to walk in to the Kremlin with a Bazooka and the Mormon Tabernacle choir singing "regime changes are here again"
Or would you still say that's just the corporate media twisting the fact and it was just a bomb shaped easter cake?

@LenHazell53 Biden said it exactly like you described. However I don’t think that is a policy that the US holds or is even capable of acting on if it did hold that position. That’s just my opinion; we really don’t have any evidence either way.

I think a regime change would be a great thing, both for Russia and the world; if lead from the bottom up by common Russians.

@Garban Oh you mea some sort of , erm what would you call it? Oh yes A common-ist revolution?
Something like that?

@LenHazell53 the Russians can call it a toga party if they want. They deserve better than the egomaniac despot that they’re saddled with now.


All governments with a history has some slimy crap to recon with if they are honest about it. I think or hope most Americans recognize our historical sliminess. Ignoring or denying it is criminal in my opinion.

Letting past transgressions paralyze governments or people from acting is a policy that will not undo historical sliminess. Nations have made mistakes in the past and will make mistakes in the future. Not acting out of fear can be just as slimy as acting and regretting it later.


Many of our past actions have often been undemocratic and wrong.

Support for Ukraine is right. Putin has been working to destabilize the West for many years. Calling his actions what they are is the right thing to do.

As I said, just because he is wrong does not make the USA right.
Real support for Ukraine would have meant America could have stopped this war in hours, or never let it start. But it is more convenient to allow it to fester on, to allow Putin to draw negative attention to himself and thus to allow the whole of the west to come together and sell arms to anyone panicked in to buying them, while at the same time bankrupting the whole of Russia and tearing them apart from other spurious dictatorships by making them an otherwise occupied ally with little or nothing to make them useful.
All it will cost is lives of many, many, Cyrillic, writing foreigners.

@LenHazell53 please explain to me how the US could have stopped this war in hours.

@Lorajay Are you really that unimaginative?

@LenHazell53 You must have fairyland imagination to think there was anyway to for the US to stop Putin’s invasion.🌈🦄

@LenHazell53 I am disappointed in your tactic for evading the question.

@Lorajay okay for example:-
At the height of the Cuban missile crisis, Bobby Kennedy called a halt to the whole thing in one covert meeting with Anatoly Dobrynin (on behalf of Khrushchev), doing a deal between them to allow a soviet missile basis in Denmark and a promise for the US not to invade Cuba, along with other concessions on both side, in return for a face-saving withdrawal of missiles from the Island and a public statement heralding the “solution of the Cuban crisis,” praising Khrushchev’s “statesmanlike decision” and promising “reciprocal measures to assure peace in the Caribbean area.”
Large amounts of other crisis have been solved by this same kind of "Cowboy" diplomacy.

@Garban I'm living in fairy land? If you think that then I have some beach front property in Kansas you'll want to buy.

@LenHazell53 cowboy diplomacy does not always work. I personally do not think Putin is susceptible to any kind of diplomacy.

Yes the military industrial complex craves war and it is very powerful in America. I do not think anyone wants to risk a war with Russia. The military industrial complex actually prefers their wars to be in less developed countries where they don't have financial interests.

@LenHazell53 so what concessions should Biden have offered to Putin? Putin’s can’t have a oil rich prosperous democracy on his southern flank; because his citizens will wonder why they must suffer poverty under a despot while their neighbors thrive.


I think not..I've thought the same about a few Politicians, and a few members of SCOTUS..I belive he was being human.

I'm a great believer in the maxim that, the one thing that should bar anyone from serving as a politician is the desire to become one.

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