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When I was a child in the Church it was always a given, that the Black preacher, especially PASTORS, drove Cadillacs, had the finest homes, wore the best of suits and his wife, the FIRST Lady usually sported the biggest and finest hats.

Most of these preachers did not have regular jobs, their income came from the poor hardworking members who tithed ten percent of their meager incomes weekly.

The tithe however, was not the only source of money that, in most cases after the church bills were paid, went into the preacher's pockets. Oh my, there were OFFERINGS out the ying yang. They were called "LOVE OFFERINGS". I can recall church services were at least five offerings were collected in one service.

Fast forward to the present: The congregations are larger, but in some places not much larger. There are still what we call "Store Front" churches. In most major cites you can still find several of these Store Front churches on the same block. Why, because some man or woman, decided they could make easy money off the backs of the ignorant. Become a Pastor and let the people support you.

Prostitution. The preacher is the pimp and their chiurch members are the, for lack of a better expression HOES.

You get out there and work hard and you better bring me my money.

Now we have the MEGA Pastors/Pimps, with MEGA Church members/Hoes

The Cadillacs have evolved into Range Rovers and Bentleys
The homes are million dollar mansions
One very well known Pastor?pimp even brags about the number of Rolex watches he owns. Another has no problem showing off his fleet of Lear jets.

The church members haven't changed much, still hard working, more professionals now with college educations, but yet they still turn over their hard earned income to these religious con artist/pimps.

So, what's the catch? Feed on the emotions, rather than the intellect. The music..ya gots ta have the music!!

Why is it that most of these Black preachers need a B-3 Hammond organ to accompany them before they end their so-called message? Well, you have got to get the people riled up, get em excited, get that praise break in there...then BAM!!! Get that money!!!

Out of sight of the sweating, sometimes funky and babbling in some kind of tongues people/members, in the back room where the money is counted the PIMP is not about to leave the building without first getting his "CUT", which is more than likely more than fifty percent of the money collected.

If the preacher just so happens to be a BISHOP, He or She will demand no less than tens of thousands of dollars up front including first class plane fare.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of the Black Pentecostal money money money,
Pimps and hoes.....and as usual it is the poor member/prostitute who is taken advantage of and abused.
While the Preacher/ pimp is living high on the hog all the way to the bank.

Dare: feel free to go on YouTube and watch anyone of these big name preachers and observe. I have lived it, seen it first hand and left it. Its enough to turn my stomach!!

PhillipSEE 6 Apr 25

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Makes me ill too.


I think the label "love offering" is brilliant. It immediately implies that if you don't contribute, you're not loving. Unfortunately, it's also evil.


Here in South Africa they drive Mercedes Benz and live in shacks and have the best food.


why does God need money? its criminal really especially when you know black or African-Americans terrible past not that long ago really. they don't get taxed either.


It's not just the black churches, I had to record R.A.West back in the '70s, his son preached from a wheel chair, then there was the day we had technical problems and they were very late leaving the studio. We had undercover parking in the VIP area, I'm working on an electrical issue on the catwalk. I see the kid look around, when he thinks nobody is looking, out of his chair, which he puts in the van and then gets inside. Walked around for at leat 5 minute! Yes, fleece the flock.

When I was in my teens I thought, wow, I could learn the scriptures, and be one of these people and get rich. Then I though to myself just how low that would be.


Our little rundown white towns are getting quite a number of storefront churches nowadays. My big question is: Why do college "educated" people get involved in this nonsense?

twill Level 7 Apr 25, 2018
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