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Tennessee's filled with a bunch of racist, homophobic, bible-bangers who cook bacon off the barrel of their AK-47s, yell “Shit yeah!” at any opportunity, and fly confederate flags behind their jacked-up trucks.

I'm done ranting for today...

Proposed legislation could legalize child marriage in Tennessee


Dyl1983 8 Apr 7

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Every state in the country has redneck idiots like this, with maybe the exception of Hawaii. I know Iowa has plenty of these types too. The only variation across the continental US is the % of them vs. the rest of the population in a given state.


We can cook bacon on an AK-47? Yowza! Talk about an even better deal on that thing. /s


Wait, you think in all of the real estate on/below the Mason-Dixon it is only Tennessee?


Tennessee has some good hearted people also. I don’t intend to put words in your mouth but we need to stop assigning character traits based on geography. This is how Putin encouraged his troops to kill all the Nazis in Ukraine.
Edit: I’m not immune to the same frustrations.


Tom Leatherwood is a Christian supremacist. Enough said.


Someone should remind them that this is an accepted practice in Islam. 🙂

Peas in the same pod

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