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"Arrogant ignorance" is a phrase I use often when referring to conservatives and Trump supporters who literally have no understanding of the issues they support while laughing out loud in a deliberately obnoxious manner at those who do.
It's disappointing to feel that phrase also applies to so many who are otherwise intelligent when it comes to sexism, misogyny, and patriarchal habits.
What does it take for the voices of those who aren't cis-males to be taken seriously?
Not doing so is absolutely blatant disrespect no matter where it happens, and we are all capable of calling boys' club behavior what it is: unacceptable bullshit.

DuchessNyx 6 Apr 25

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"While it is true hat not all conservatives are stupid,most stupid people are conservative." J.S.Mill


"Arrogant ignorance" is a phrase that I can apply to the people that really get my hackles up, they are usually so condescending , and so stupid, crap, reminds me, I have to ring my mother.


Just remember, 90% of trump supporters and posters are russian bots...


Democrats are just crybaby sore losers. Try to win the next election, and until then hope the only President we have does the best job he is able to.


Really like that phrase. I'm so stealing it. 🙂

I have used it too. Pretty succinct


Unfortunately, it takes another cis-gendered male, because those arseholes won't listen to anyone else. That's where us dudes have a responsibility to fucking step up and not stand for bullshit when we are confronted with it.


There's an Isaac Asimov quote that helps to sum this up.


It requires a man to be a man. If he cannot respect a woman and their contributions to society he is only half or less a man. Unfortunately I know of many of the latter and I think they were brought up that way by weak parents, split families or ignorant people. I am not sure we will ever be able to reach all men but let's hope it will improve.


Have you read this article? It's fascinating.

Remi Level 7 Apr 25, 2018

The same generation that touted the importance of education now takes pride in severe ignorance.

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