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Thinking about retirement... one is about 30% less religious than most any other place you can go.

EarnestEccentric 7 Apr 16

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I like legal weed. I could get medical, if I put out an initial 250 or so as my docs won't ok, even though I qualify.


Retirement... something I'm relatively certain I will never experience.


How about living in another country?


frankly, I think about becoming an ex pat.....

Have you checked into International Living group?

@twill No, thanks for the idea!

@EarnestEccentric they are terrible about up selling. Will not leave you alone.
There may be some value in what they're pushing, I've just stuck with basic subscription which expired a year ago.

But they won't leave me alone and keep sending me the magazine, e mails and more.

@EarnestEccentric The traditional magazine subscriptions would do the same thing....Keep sending the magazine for months after original subscription expired. I'm like ...."Whatever".
So I learned to wait until they stopped sending the freebies to re-subscribe


I live in Missouri and have no troubles with taxes in any way maybe because I am too old to pay them for my income bracket. What you write about Columbia would be nice except for the fact that it is a college town. This means that food and a place to live are going to cost you a little more.

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