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NotIng that thIs Is the 25th of aprIl, It appears yet another rapture has ruptured

evidentialist 8 Apr 25

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So for all of you that missed it, as raptures go, it was pretty average.
Some of the critics say they may give it a miss next time. I think the problem is marketing, all the hype, but one rapture is pretty much the same as the next.
o next time, instead of a rapture, we will be having a great indifference. Just working out the best date, some have suggested December 25th, July 4th, October 31st but as yet, nobody cares enough to give it much thought.

Sounds a lot like the activities in the RPC (Royal Procrastinators Club) formed in 1952 and still waiting for their first meeting.


They're just going to have to start scheduling those goddamned events at a more convenient time. I'm too fucking busy to just up and fucking vanish without notice and time to make arrangements. Pardon my Phrensch.

@Condor5 -- I'm sure they're praying for us whenever they're not preying on us.


there was a rapture? musta missed it.


Maybe the rapture is when they all drink the kool aide. Can you imagine a worldwide Jonestown? What a mess.

Vultures would be happy!

@LucyLoohoo vultures are cool

@NothinnXpreVails Indeed! Have you visited India? The Parsis (religious group) still expose their dead in/on ''towers of silence." Vultures eat them and that's that. (I didn't think to ask what happens to the bones.......????)

@LucyLoohoo never been there. That is an interesting custom, though. Well, maybe unusual is a better word.


Damn! .... I missed it again!! Better roll me up some fine leaf and get my rapture in a more earthly fashion.


Maybe Jesus only took a half dozen or so with him. 🙂

BD66 Level 7 Apr 25, 2018

Jesus was here? He must've been running from ICE!

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