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Wow, now that was fun, sort of.
Sitting here at the desk and computer, frantic thumping on my front door startles me a bit so I open the main door and leave the screen shut and securely latched.
On the other side is a very irate and ranting Evangelidiot screaming at me " Okay so WHERE the F*** is my car, I left it parked in the front yard last night with the keys in like I always do and now you've gone and stolen it, I want to search your car shed and backyard NOW."
My response was as follows, " I have NO idea as where you vehicle is, I do NOT even care a monkeys fart as to where it may or may not be, I have not soiled my hands by touching your vehicle and IF you want to search my property then I suggest you make application to do so at and with the Police Station, other than that GET off my property asap or I will see that you are charged with trespassing, Good morning and perhaps you should remember in future NOT to leave the keys in your car when you do NOT have ANY gates, across the driveway to secure it behind."

Triphid 9 May 5

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Didn't you say it has been filled with water on several occasions? Maybe they hauled it away as toxic waste, it should have had all kinds of mold and who knows what growing in it!

Well NEARLY filled after the big rain down-pour but it appears did one of his, so claimed to be his btw, "tricks" he used to employ with vehicles that got inundated on beaches when the tides came in.
I.e. open all doors, etc. etc, remove the rubber/plastic drainage grommets from the foot wells and place small heaters run on kerosene in the cabin to help them dry out.
As for the electrics, etc, well I can only guess, but my father used to always coat the spark plug leads, battery terminals, etc, with some type of water resistant grease like solution, that all the local underground miners had ample supplies of, to repel water when there were chances of heavy rains or even flooded streets and street crossings.
As to any electrical systems etc, well knowing him he would have merely "prayed to god and jeebus" and left the rest ib their hands most likely BUT I have noticed of late a distinct odour emanating from the direction of his residence that is reminiscent of that smell that one gets/finds when a room/house has been flooded/partially flooded but is still damp and starting to get mouldy and mildew may well be developing in it as well.

@Triphid ewww.


Accusation without proof.....idiot.


It's time for those friendly men in white coats to pay him a visit.

White coats, who are you trying to kid, men in hazmat suits more like it.


He is definitely not well. I think his brain matter is made of over cooked spaghetti. lol

Betty Level 8 May 5, 2022

What brain matter?

Out my way we have a saying, He/she has S.F.B. ( Shit For Brains).

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