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Now that women are basically being told that they're just breed mares for the government, what else will the lunatic evangelical psycho conservative R party do when they conceivably return to power over the next two years?

Well, Obamacare will be gone. I don't have it myself but I know people who do and feel they'd be lost without it but it won't end there, Any "Constitutional Rights" we may have enjoyed can be rescinded at any moment, (like Roe v Wade) Whatever the evangelical right wants to see happen will be prioritized since they represent the R voter base which will clear the path toward taking the first steps to a theocracy and the top of it all sits Donald Trump, the human equivalent to cancer in an ill fitted suit and a bad rug. The direction this country is taking would make the Founding Fathers soil themselves.

If you'll excuse me now, I have to go change my pants ...again.

Sgt_Spanky 8 May 8

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Let's include the loony 'progressives' demanding that men can become women just by clicking their little heels and saying the magic words, "I am a woman."

The worst misogyny..... This eliminates 'woman' as a reality.

BEWARE::: The mental illness of the left is life threatening to all humanity...


Obamacare stuck around because ACA was a GOP format and Obama simply went with it. The GOP has people trying desperately to end Social Security and many of them have benefited from it. This is insanity.

The GOP leadership hasn't proposed or been passionate about even one policy that would benefit anyone but themselves for the last 50-60 years. These people are completely corrupt and totally self absorbed. I get that. What I don't get are those tens of millions of ignorant,, low information, brain-dead R voters who support a party that doesn't give half a f-ck about them.


I think it's going to go the way of Gilead. If women who want to drink, smoke, and use drugs are forced to carry a baby they don't want, a percentage of them (I would hope a large percentage) are going to continue to do what they want regardless. More laws controlling women's bodies will follow. And if it's a slow back and forth of resistance and control measures, it will get really, really bad for women.
If, however, they vote as a bloc, they can take back control of EVERYTHING and do whatever they want. This, unfortunately, is probably unlikely considering the same percentage of men and women think abortion should be illegal in all circumstances (19%). That seems like a really low number, but it's obviously not when it's part of an extremely cohesive bloc that always shows up to vote and always votes the party. Also, everyone knew reproductive rights were on the ballot in '16 and it didn't motivate women enough. If enough of them cared about their bodily autonomy as the number one issue, there would have been a gigantic blue wave in every state of the country. There wasn't, so they probably figured the women wouldn't stand up for themselves so they could probably get away with whatever they wanted.


The Republicans have tried to overturn Obamacare literally about a hundred times. Maybe they've given up on that and moved on to finding ways to take food from orphans or make being homeless a crime punishable by the death penalty or find a way to remove citizenship from anyone who is gay... all while giving an endless string of tax cuts to the wealthy and blaming everything on the liberals and/or immigrants and/or non-whites and/or anyone but themselves.

On the up side it will probably take quite a few more years for them to completely and utter destroy democracy and maybe by then I'll be too old or too dead to care.

I would not be surprised at all if we were under authoritarian rule in the next 11 years.

@ChestRockfield Hell, 4 (if Dems lose Congress).

@rainmanjr I'm assuming they're going to play it a little smarter this time and replace key players in the military.

@ChestRockfield Can't currently replace someone for being religious. Rooting out military Christian pressure, after 50 years of allowing it, will not be easy or quick. Besides, who are "they" that will play "smarter?" I am not of the opinion that many humans are that smart. Our current Dem President, much as I love him, is a practical Catholic. That's only slightly better than a devout Catholic.

@rainmanjr "Them" the Republicans that were/are trying to dismantle the pillars of our democracy to instill a "democratically elected" [authoritarian] leader. They will need the military to fall in line, and they didn't quite have it last time. By getting some people sympathetic to the plan of King Trump in place, they'll have a better shot to pull off the coup next time.

@ChestRockfield I can't argue that.

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