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She's just upset because they know where she lives. However, we know where all these asswipes live.

Susan Collins called the police over the world's most polite sidewalk chalk message

How thin can one person’s skin possibly be? Sen. Susan Collins tested the limits of that question with her response to a sidewalk chalk message asking her to vote for the Women’s Health Protection Act, codifying the abortion rights of Roe v. Wade into law.

“Susie, please, Mainers want WHPA —–> vote yes, clean up your mess,” the chalk message outside Collins’ home in Bangor, Maine, read. They said please, in a medium that causes no damage, and she called the police.

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nogod4me 8 May 11

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That's typical of conservatives. They love to throw insults and be rude to everyone who disagrees with them but they will not tolerate even the mildest of criticisms.

It's often referred to as having double standards: one set of rules for themselves and a different set of rules for everybody else.


She is an entitled twat, and she is far too old to grow the fuck up.


Those conservative ass-wipes are afraid of us because they know how violent their worshippers are and they don't know any of us.


She's a totes shit for brains..


She's a fucking republican pretending she is different than all the other yahoos in that party. She is not different.




I think it is more complicated than that.

It is. It's explained in the article. She's not afraid. It's a matter of rules made by Capitol Police. That's what it says anyway. 😉

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