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Please forgive for posting this but I needed to and some members may see the funny side of it as I have.
Just came back from going to get a few things at the Supermarket near my house and Evangelidiot stops me to inform me that he will be away from his house and the town for a few hours because he heading up the a place some 60+ miles away from here as a last resort to see if his good friend and the Pastor of the Church, Paul Skelley, aka Pope Paul as I choose to call him, will loan him the cash money to pay me to repair his wood-burning heater.
Now that means a round trip of about 120 miles, part of it over a normally dirt road that has had rain on it since Wednesday in a vehicle that is NOT meant to traverse such road conditions and, as is his NORMAL practice he takes NO spare tyre, no tool kit or kits, no shovel, no spare water, fuel or food and only a mobile, cell phone, in to an area where there is little or no reception at the best of times.
And I didn't have time nor the will to inform him that I had just met and spoken to Pope Paul Skelley at the Supermarket where he informed me that he was staying at his house in town for the colder weather and won't be going back up,to his other house again until Spring.
Hope Evangelidiot enjoys his trip for nothing.

Triphid 9 May 13

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I think you should have told him.

Told Evangelidiot that "Pope" Paul was living in town for the winter and spoil his chances of taking a nice quiet weekend drive in the country-side?
I could not be so cruel thank you.


Seems he could have prayed for the money to similar effect and saved the wear and tear on his car.


Is gofundme not a thing there?

That's how most people go begging in America now.

Hmm he does NOT believe in computers, lap-tops, etc, etc, because they can invite the devil in to take over your soul.
BUT he has a mobile (cell) phone because, to quote him, " They are gifts from God and Jesus that give we who believe a direct line to contact them when ever we need."
Nice one Big Sky Daddy and son, give the saps a "special" phone to contact you BUT every time the sap uses it it costs him/her any where from 50 cents for an sms message to $1.50+ per minute to speak to someone on it and it sure as fish shit in the water ain't benefitting Sky Daddy and son either, the money goes straight to the Phone companies as we who are not mentally deluded by religion are fully aware.


Gawd will provide to fix his stove. And gawd won’t give him more than he can handle. He needs to find another mark for his evangelical scam.


Me thinks he was trying to guilt you into doing the work for free so he could avoid said trip.

Two chances of that EVER happening, NONE and Sweet F*** All.



Every village has its idiot. It's just that some idiots win national fame for their idiocy.


Even though he be axle-deep in mud, his Lord will look after him.

(Hey @Triphid, why are you giving me that sideways look?)

You have no idea as to exactly how right you are there, about 5 years ago we had some very heavy rains for about 36 hours early in one week during winter.
When the rains had stopped and the sky had cleared I rang my friend out on his Sheep Property just to ask out of interest and curiosity what the roads around the property were like, the answer came back in very simple terms, "too bloody sloppy and boggy for even the bloody frogs and turtles that's how boggy."
The following Saturday afternoon I heard from my friend again, " That f***ing idiot that you come out with to get firewood is stuck, axle deep in the gully about 200 hundred yards short of the turn-off to the Quartz Reef main paddock, since you are answering your phone then I know you aren't with him should I leave there to get himself out or not, he can flag down a freight train as it goes past so he's not going starve and die?"
My answer was simple, " He's stuck on your property Mate, do as you see fit, it's no skin off my nose either way."
About 12-14 hours later Evangelidiot arrived at my front door after walking the 50+ kilometres back to town after getting lost 3 times and only finding his way by seeing trains go past and realising that there was a railway line nearby to follow.
So I guess J.C. and Big Daddy must've either busy that day or had gone to yet another Nine Inch Nails concert....LOL.

@Triphid Idiots plight is hilarious!


Oh my! This gets better and better. I wonder if his pastor will lend him the funds or refuse him.

Any bets on the matter?

Betty Level 8 May 14, 2022

I'll wager 100 to 1 AGAINST him getting a loan from Pope Paul Skelley.
Simply because Pope Skelley is tighter than a fishes arse-hole and those things are WATER TIGHT.

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