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Oh the things you see when you haven't got a video camera.
Did a load of laundry this morning, love the new washing machine I bought late last year btw because what used to take me around 3-4 hours can now be done and on the clothes line in half the time.
anyway, got that all done and it's hang out to dry, decide to sit myself down on the front veranda with a steaming hot and fresh cup of coffee, here the sounds of a medium sized heavy vehicle moving slowly along the roadway, it turns out be a local vehicle towing company.
The towing vehicle crawls past my house and stops out side of Evangelidiots house.
I hear a knocking coming from the house, and then a voice saying very rudely and gruffly, " What do you want I was in the middle of praying and you have disrupted me speaking to Jesus."
A second voice is heard and says, " Well, fuck you mate, you called for a truck to take your vehicle down to get it repaired, here it is, here I am, I don't want this abuse and I don't need it so I'm leaving and you can go F*** yourself and I'll be reporting this to my Boss as well."
I hear a vehicle door slam, the Evangeloon swear and slam his door and the vehicle drive off.
By now I'd say word has gotten around to every garage and vehicle towing company in town regarding this debacle and tirade from Evangeloon and his address and name are now on their "black lists" from now on and his precious vehicle is still unusable and likely to remain so unless he can con some dupe to fix it for him that is.
But as sure as there are flies to dung, he will not be conning me.

Triphid 9 May 16

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The man really can't get out of his own way. I never get why someone would order a service an then act like a total cunt to the person trying to provide it. His car is still dead, and surely the towing company is still going to charge for sending the truck out. Maybe he should ask Jesus to fix his car.


Very soon he will crack. Make sure you are far away.


You are probably in a better position to comment on this than I am, but it seems to me that the Evangeloon is coming under increasing amounts of psychological pressure, and I wonder what will happen when (and if) it totally overwhelms him.

With the increased frequency of avoidable mistakes as well as the severity of them. Add in the loss of support from his mother, girlfriend, and neighbours. Include the local vendors anger over monies owed and his inability to secure more funds. I would hazard a guess that we will be hearing about a breakdown in the near future.

Anyone willing to bet how long that may take?

@Betty I'll put a marker down: the end of September.

If bailiffs turn up before that date, I will offer you that earlier date instead.

@anglophone You're on. 🙂

If his pattern of deviant behaviour continues at the same rate, I think one of two things may happen.

  1. He will cut and run before being picked up or before the court date.
  2. He will have a complete breakdown and be committed to a psych ward, either voluntary or in voluntary.

This is my prediction. What say you.

@Betty I think it is entirely possible. This country has a history of somebody doing a runner from one state to another, being arrested in the other state, and being extradited to the state where the often multiple offences were committed.

@anglophone It happens here too. They will skip to another province and sometime make it to the US. It just adds to the charges when they do that. Unless you are totally off the grid it's hard to hide.

@Betty What gets me is that the retards fail to realise that is what is most likely to happen to them.

@anglophone I think it's because they are narcissistic. They truly believe they will get away with it and are usually shocked when they don't.

Intelligent and well balanced people know better. 🙂 Like you and me. lol

@Betty I had not thought of it like that: the sense of entitlement from being a narcissist. You have broadened my thinking, for which I thank you. 🙂

@anglophone Now you're just sweet talking me. lol

Seriously though...Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

@Anglophone Well you can bet ALL you own on one sure thing, that being that I WILL NOT be his Counsellor in any way, shape nor form.
I know it may sound wrong, etc, etc, BUT I am NOT getting in to that mess either that is his life nor the inside of his head.

@Triphid I wouldn't want to get caught up in the rats nest inside his head either. I wouldn't want to risk my sanity any more than you would. 😉

@Triphid That is easy conflict of interest he is your neighbour and you have had too many run ins with him.

@Triphid Yes, the first duty of any counsellor is self care, and I am delighted that you are doing so.


You double posted. lol

Betty Level 8 May 16, 2022

He gets extra points that way! 🙂

@anglophone What's so important about the points?

Did I, my apologises to all.

@Triphid I knew it. Points are not important, connections are. 🙂

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