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This is a well done video on the origins of Jesus. Evidence is the story was plagiarized from Egypts Paganism and the story of Horus born of a virgin mother Isis.

This is a must see video. The discuss the fact that when Christians came to power, they set out to destroy any and all texts that could contradict their own beliefs. There are too many similarities not to be copy catted.

misstuffy 7 June 4

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Very interesting (altho not surprising). Besides Christians persecuting nonbelievers, their burning of libraries - not only in the Mediterranean, but also in the New World - were another terrible crime.

I shudder at the loss of knowledge. Losing the Alexandria Library is one that is well known to be one of the best in the ancient world. We only have the Gnostic scrolls because some people had the foresight to hide them in a safe place.

@misstuffy If we only still had that library today I suspect it would change the beliefs of many. This fact may be why it burned in the first place. People wanting to change history and replace facts with their own beliefs.


I enjoyed this video. I have studied many religions and came to similar beliefs about the Bible after reading the Essence Gospels. A lot of people throw logic and reasoning out the door whenever it comes to religion.

I agree. I could never believe in a God that devalues women, or one that not only condones slavery, but gives instructions on how to go about it. I could neve believe in a God that plays mind games. Just in Genesis alone there are so many red flags. We are created and then everyone drowned except for one lecherous drunk and his family? and how do they explain getting all those animals on the ark? Not doable as the story was told. There is no question the Bible is a pure dumbed down plagiarized version from earlier civilizations.


You should research the torture that the Catholic Church used on unbelievers. There was a “True Hell” but it didn’t have anything to do with Satan. The Pope was the true devil

They actually touched on that in this video. He spoke about how the Christians were not persecuted to the point of their claims and would beg for the Romans to do so. When they came to power, their persecution of Non Christians was legendary. Even now, their claims of a war on Christianity are nothing to their war on all others, but especially Atheists and Muslims, in fact any non Christian Judea religion is fair game for the American Fundamentalists and yes, I am American.

@misstuffy I’m about half way through watching it. It’s good so far. I was Christian for 30 years and this video made me question my faith. It’s good also

@abyers1970 Just finished watching this, thank you for sharing. It was excellent and two points I really enjoyed were the ones where the second coming would not happen until men and women were the same, that made me laugh because nearly every major Abrahamic religion is hell bent on keeping women as inferior. The other one was how Moses gave an account of his own death. Pure Gold!

@misstuffy The thing I like most about this video is that it was very respectful and just kept focusing on fact after fact

@abyers1970 I agree, Respect is why I think for instance, The Thinking Atheist is my favorite podcast. I found this documentary quite informative. I learned some new things.

@misstuffy I was actually a Christian when I watched this video. I was struggling with my faith. The thing that really got me was all the gods with same story before. Jesus

@abyers1970I have a friend who teaches comparative religions in the various Churches. I knew Christianity had stolen a lot of their content from previous civilizations, but that one got me too.


I look forward to watching this later.

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