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I find it amusing when people argue that women were not slighted in the past merely because they were female.

"In a world built for men, we don’t know much about women’s bodies"


Gwendolyn2018 8 June 10

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The article does briefly mention the reluctance of researchers to use female subjects due to the risk of complications in childbearing. In actually, that has been (and still is) the biggest factor in disparity in experimentation. And don't forget that scientists are only permitted to do things that corporations finance.

Soooo . . . studies for menopause have largely not been conducted because of the risk of complications in childbearing? Breast cancer was minimalized because researchers were afraid that complications in childbirth?

Sorry, that is a BS excuse.

And corporations ignored women because for centuries, men held the "purse" strings.


Oh, for sure! Women have to be far sicker than men to be taken seriously by doctors of EITHER gender, which usually means we have to be pretty much dead before they admit we "might" be sick. I've had crappy docs of both genders, but after my youngest was born and my male doc dismissed my pain I decided to never again see a male doc. And with my women docs I will tell them upfront if I think I am not being taken seriously. It's sad, but it is the world as it is now. I think it is getting better, but not damn fast enough.

Spot on! As a teen and in my 20s, I was told for years that the debilitating menstrual pain I felt was in my head. No, it wasn't.

I prefer female doctors, as well, but if I thought my present doctor did not take me seriously, I would find another.

I also think it is getting better. My sister would have died of breast cancer long ago if new treatments had not been developed.

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