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"March For Our Lives: Tens of thousands rally for stricter US gun laws" [] . Sorry, but nothing is going to happen while the majority of Congressmen and Congresswomen delight in lining their wallets with NRA blood money.

anglophone 9 June 12

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Protests should be aimed at the NRA. Go to their offices, their homes, and draw blood on their sidewalks. Go to members' homes and protest them. If they end membership then the NRA dies economically.

That is an excellent point.


The problem is the Congressmen and women fear the thousands of gun nuts who consistently show up at the polls and vote for them. Not the thousands who take to the streets every time there is a sensational mass shooting but seem to be too busy to get out and vote on Election Day. And the gun lobby is well aware that the smallest populated states where people are easiest to scare and have the most fear of their government, have just as many Senators as the most populous and educated states that trust their government to create solutions. And those states, the Blue states, are fewer than the Red states, allowing for basically the rule of a minority of the actual population.


Unless the mid-term politicians, despite NRA funding, fear they will be ousted. That is the NRA's weak spot, and where all the rallies should focus. How about signs the read "Senator XX is against gun control, so we are against him." and so on?

Petter Level 9 June 12, 2022
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