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I've never been a social media person. I'm an old lady so I still like living my life in the real world but I thought I'd give it a shot.

I'm just curious if anyone else was married or in a relationship for a long time and got cheated on?

I got married when I was 20 got cheated on a couple years before our 30th anniversary and have been divorced for a decade.

I try and tell myself I've gotten over it but I haven't even tried dating since.

The whole thing really wrecked my ability to trust and destroyed my confidence.

Sorry if that story was a downer but I just wanted to know if anyone else had experienced something similar

Have you experienced cheating?

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MammaAlexis 2 June 18

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Well......let me put it this way. First time I was married, she wasn't.

twill Level 7 June 20, 2022

You put it like a suspense movie that leaves us making guesses of what really happened. 🙂

@St-Sinner TBH, I don't even know about all of her transgressions. Nor do I care. When she's dead I'll split on her grave


We never cheated on each other in 27 years, the wife was super conservative and I didn't because I was afraid of hurting our daughter. But saying I never thought about it would be cheating. I was horny every day. There were a few chances too.

But cheating is not the worst thing in a relationship. There are worse like stealing money, working against partner, constant bitching and being a continuous negative energy. My life is almost over but I have been a supporter of open marriages. "Torn between two lovers" has been my favorite song.


My ex-wife had promised to quit her therapist before we got married, but continued, draining our savings and continuing to suffer and act out in response to her sessions. I'd say she was 'cheating' and she never showed the slightest benefit. Shame on them both.


my ex-husband was addicted to porn which ended our marriage. I think he was unfaithful in his lies about how much he used porn and how that affected my trust in him.

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