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Well hell... Will they outlaw cigarettes next? How about ice cream? Beer? πŸ™„[]

Captain_Feelgood 8 June 23

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Outlaw the cigarettes...? is sanctioned by the FEDS. They make WAY too much money in TAXES...its not about what is is about MONEY. Anyone who thinks smoking is something GOOD that should be FOUGHT FOR(in a court of law) is DELUSIONAL.


A serious chest complaint has, in the past week, been linked to no fewer than 35 brands of e-cigarettes.
Since "vaping" was, like nicotine patches, supposed to be a stepping stone to giving up cigarettes, the entire e-cigarette industry is as guilty as the tobacco industry of using mis-leading advertising to create addiction whilst creating a "fashion image".
Correctly, e-cigarettes should be subject to a prescription, subject to requiring renewal after 3 months.

Petter Level 9 June 23, 2022

IMHO, this is a legitimate action on the part of the FDA. Juul has not provided evidence that its products are safe. This is especially relevant because the flavored products are designed to appeal to kids.

I don't think they're 'designed' to appeal to kids any more than ice cream is. They just do. So why do they have to be shown to be safe? Are cigarettes safe? Any tobacco product for that matter... Or Alcoholic drinks. People die from drinking too much all the time. Face it, the govt. should not be telling people what they can or can't put in their own bodies. Everyone knows it's bad for you by now, but they continue to do so. It's already against the law to buy such products if you're under 21..

@Captain_Feelgood You're right, I don't have evidence that Juul designed their product specifically to appeal to kids. What we can say, however, is that the product does appeal to kids, and the product contains very high levels of nicotine, which makes them very addictive. And there is some data indicating that the "flavored" additives are hazardous to human health. So again, it seems to me that the FDA has taken a legitimate action consistent with their mandate to protect the public from hazardous foods and drugs.


Poor ruling.


I personally don't see the problem. We should outlaw things that are harmful and kill people.

Sooo.... you want to live in a Nanny State, where the govt. tells you what you can and can't do with anything and everything? That's pretty sad.

@Captain_Feelgood It's not about a "nanny" state, it's about regulation of companies that make products that they don't fully test before putting them on the market. I like that my Government is watching and regulating the Jackals that only think of money and profit over the safety of the people using them.

@Captain_Feelgood we're already there, thanks to the Supreme Court.


Personally, I think they should ban tabacco products where they have manipulated them to be more addictive. For many years it is has been known that the so-called flavoring and chimcal additives are actually to make them ore addictive, and are not really to enhance flavor.

E-cigarettes on face value may look less harmful, but there people are developing new negative health conditions with long term use. That they had originally marketed to kids does not exactly speak well as to their ethics, as they seem to prioritize profits over product safety.

It’s always about profit, to hell with the people seems to be their motto.


No. No. No. Thanks for illustrating the slippery slope fallacy.

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