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America embarrassed. Thanks to Alito and Thomas.

St-Sinner 9 June 24

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I think we will get used to this embarrassment as those in power will make sure there is much to be embarrassed about.


Impeach for pergury!!!!!


Those two are the best we have on the court but Kegan, Breyer and Sonameyer are a disgrace!

I do not understand.


I can’t imagine the mental disfunction required to be upset by restrictions on the killing of babies.

A zygot is NOT A BABY!

If it comes out as a baby, it’s a baby. If you don’t think so, then you don’t have an argument over school shootings.

Simplistic as usual. If it is aborted at 12 weeks, it is not coming out as a baby. The earlier the better. Gov't interferance with guns is "not ok" but reaching into our bodies IS?


Biden is a train wreck.

No doubt about that! Hopefully his radical agenda will get the Democraps removed from power this November and in 2024.

Oh. Absolutely


(Liberty has man-hands?)

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