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Just got an up-date on the Evangeloon situation.
It seems that in the next 5 -7 days he will be released into a local facility for the rehabilitation, etc, of those with SEVERE Mental and Psychiatric Problems where he MUST remain an in-mate for NOT less than 21 days.
A Carer, "Guard-dog" more like in my opinion has been found for when Evangeloon is deemed fit to return home.
This Carer is a retired Prison Officer and well known as being a "take no nonsense" type of person and will supervise Evangeloon every hour of every day until no longer required to do so, as to this persons recompense, well that is being worked out at present BUT it seems that Evangeloon SHALL be required to contribute money towards paying for his Carer and may well be granted, temporarily of course, a Disability Pension by the Government for the interim.
So it looks like the times of peace and Evangeloon freedoms for we of the neighbourhood are getting shorter, here is hoping that all this treatment, etc, goes all the way to removing his rank idiocy, etc, etc, for once and for all.

Triphid 9 June 26

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I feel sorry for the PO he will have to stay at that horrid house. Imagine having to live there. Poor fella. Wonder if the meds and therapy is actually making a difference to the evangeloon.

Budgie Level 8 June 27, 2022

From my understanding of @Triphid's words, that Police Officer will brook no nonsense from the Evangeloon, including the state of the PO's accommodation.

Depending on the medication, it can take two to six weeks to kick in. @Triphid probably has a better idea than I do about which medications and their time to take effect.

No need for concern, I had a visitor yesterday evening, the very person who shall be taking charge of the Evangeloon.
He wanted some "insights" from the neighbours as to things regarding his soon to be "Ward."
And, darn it all, if I didn't know him from way, way back, old friends from my days of playing competition Billiards and Snooker with us both on the same team.
A couple of hours of chatting, few cups of hot coffee and plenty of unbiased info regarding Evangeloon imparted later and Martin had an insight in to his "ward" and how he has been for the last 10 years.
A few interesting comments came from Martin, ones like, "likes to lay in bed most of the day does he," "doesn't eat vegetables because they take too much time to prepare and cook," " spends hours watching the religious channel and reading the bible so he can preach it to everyone else does he," thinks that it is his HOUSE and I will have to obey him like all his other past borders had to does he?"
"Well he can start thinking again and thinking very, very hard because I have the upper-hand from here on in, my rules only, what I say will go and no objections will be tolerated, he WILL be permitted to have 1 visitor per week who is NOT a part of his treatment regimen and ONLY 1 visitor, no more at any other time and there are a whole load of others to add to it besides."
So after such an enlightening chat Martin left knowing a lot more than he did when he first arrived and imparted to me that it was also his intent to both contact the neighbours for their in-put and Evangeloon's family as well asap.

@Triphid I am delighted to hear all that. I look forward to hearing what Evangeloon makes of his "ordeal" once it has passed.

@anglophone We are on the same page. Since PO Martin is a friend I believe we will be getting updates. πŸ™‚

@anglophone, @Triphid I was wondering what it would be like to be a fly on the wall when Evangeloon returned to his home with the P.O., and now I don't. It is fortuitous that the P.O. Martin is your friend and he will make an excellent "fly".

@Betty I think we may well since I did drop an invite to Martin to drop in for a coffee from time to time, sans, Evangeloon of course.

@Triphid This works out well. You will get to catch up with an old friend and get the low-down on Evangeloon's progress/digress. What more could we ask for? πŸ™‚


You will have another few weeks of peace and with his Carer that may be extended. It's good news, so enjoy it to the fullest. πŸ™‚

Betty Level 8 June 27, 2022

How awful that they are putting him back in a neighborhood where he terrorized his neighbors! Why can’t the government put him somewhere else where he has no access to other people, let alone all of your neighbors and you? I feel so sad for all of you knowing he is coming back. πŸ˜•

Money dictates all government decisions. They are not going to fund housing when he has a home to return to.


I can see it now. I would guess that the Prison Officer, while strict, would not cross any line. I would further guess that the Evangeloon will not be able to tolerate anybody having such close control over his life. If my memory serves me correctly, he has already lost it to some slight degree with you, so I wonder just how explosive he might become towards the Prison Officer.

I have my doubts that your hope will eventuate (but it would be excellent if it did).

He is a coward. He may try to push back but will back off quickly. I think he may be more sneaky about trying to get his own way and it will be interesting to find out how that will manifest itself. He is like a child prone to tantrums, so I hope the Prison Officer is the strict parent type. πŸ˜‰

Considering that the acquaintanceship between the P.O. and I goes way, way back to when I counselled a number of Young Offenders, add in the build of this bloke plus his knowledge and abilities both a Competitor, until a few years ago, in the Rugby League Competitions here along with his standings in a number of self-defence techniques then Evangeloon will need to swiftly learn to be as meek and obedient as pet puppy imo.

@Triphid You're going to have a front row seat and get to watch Evangeloon lose control of his life. Get the popcorn. πŸ™‚


Too bad his house wouldn't blow up so there's nothing to come back to.

Please stop putting ideas in to my head....LOL.

@Triphid Who moi?????????????????

@Lilac-JadeCanada Oui, toi! πŸ˜‰

Careful what you wish for. lol

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