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Oh dear, sometimes when it rains it really pours.
Just had Martin and a Representative from the "Half-way House" at my door requesting that I accompany them on an inspection of the Evangeloon residence as per a court Order before Evangeloon and his Carer can enter it and reside there.
BIG failure marks for almost countless things, steps unsafe, light switches unsafe, bathroom facilities unsafe and unhygienic, kitchen facilities substandard to "primitive," most windows impossible to open, no smoke detector/s, no ability to securely lock the rear entrance door, a refrigerator than has neither been de-frosted nor cleaned for at least 2 years, a bath-tub that looks likes more like a wallow for pigs and hippos than an actual bath-tub, no machine to actually wash clothes, etc, in, laundry detergent in bathroom presumably handy to where clothes are washed very roughly, Evangeloons bed sheets closely resembled rags used by mechanics, etc, repeatedly over quite a few weeks or months at least and many other things besides.
And who shall cop the Bill for the much required Clean up, Evangeloon of course because he CANNOT return home until it passes another inspection.

Triphid 9 June 29

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Did they offer you a gas mask before entry?

Or even danger money? 😉

No, but I did wear a mask suitable for protection as per the Covid 19 regulations and added a few drops of Aftershave to the mask as well.

@Triphid To bad the city won't condemn the house.


Even a very busy barnyard isn't that bad.


Since he won't be able to afford the repairs I must conclude you will have the best winter in years. Enjoy the vacation from the neighbour from hell. 🙂

Betty Level 8 June 30, 2022

Oh have no worries, almost the ENTIRE neighbourhood is enjoying the respite immensely.

@Triphid Did you ever have that party?

@Betty No not as yet but we have slated it for possibly some time next spring when the evenings are much warmer though.
And, hopefully Evangeloon will be living at home by then and we can satisfy our need for a little sarcastic revenge and enjoy ourselves while he sits at home all alone.

@Triphid That is something to look forward to. 🙂


I cannot say that I am in the slightest bit surprised at what you found.

I ONLY posted the very TIP of the GARBAGE-berg btw.
My clothes from that sojourn are now soaking in a very strong antiseptic solution and will remain in it until tomorrow.

@Triphid Sounds nasty. Your P.O. Martin friend will have his hands full keeping Mr. Payne on tract.

@Betty From my years as a friend with him, Martin certainly knows how to make HIS rules stick and stick fast so I guess when Martin says "Jump" then Evangeloon will not asking when or why but " How high and how often" instead.

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