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Starting a new movement. Well maybe not a "movement" because I'm talking about number one, not number two.

And while I may be questioning a "standing" order, so to speak, hear me out on this please.

Men can pee standing up, but just because you can doesn't mean you should, and just because you can doesn't mean you have to. Sure it's quicker to just unzip the fly, and for some pretty hard to get up off that toilet, but not every movement is for everyone.

Men should be sitting while peeing. One, it's more relaxing, two it's cleaner. Granted, I'm older and arthritis has set in, but that doesn't mean that everyone can't enjoy a brief sit. Think about it guys, in the middle of the night, with probably one eye open you have to guess if you're making it into the toilet at all. Sitting on the toilet guarantees your aim. Of course it works just as well in the middle of the day.

Then there is the cleanliness issue. How many times men have you walked into a stadium bathroom, or a bar bathroom, or a restaurant bathroom, and you're standing at the urinal in everyone else's pee on the floor? If men sat on the toilet to pee you wouldn't have to stand in their pee, and you'd have the privacy of your own stall, while you relax. Not to mention not having to clean the floor in your own home.

Of course this movement would also end the never ending argument, debate, with our female significant others, on leaving the toilet seat up.

So in a nutshell, men need to pee sitting down because it's relaxing, cleaner and relationship saving. Who's with me?

( the poll will differentiate between men and women so that women don't get to skew the vote)

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lerlo 8 July 22

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To misquote Hickam's Dictum, men can pee in as many ways as they damn well please.


I had heard it relieves strain on the "urinary tract" , especially the prostrate.
When at work/ i am in a hurry though.
At home i do always.

BBJong Level 7 July 24, 2022

Everyone should pee in whatever position they prefer. Everyone should also clean up after themselves regardless of whether they're drunk, sober or even just old.

Unfortunately many do not do what they should.

Garban Level 8 July 22, 2022

I understand it’s cleaner. But is there an actual health risk? I’ve never heard of a disease transmitted because of bad aim. Am I uninformed?

Garban Level 8 July 22, 2022

Some believe sloppiness is a disease😁

I would think too much bad aim could create a ferocious smell that would make some people gag.


Eschew “should”; it smacks of authoritarianism.

For more, see the book German Men Sit Down to Pee by Niklas Frank and James Cave.

Should you be kind to other people? You should not kill people. You should not burn down other people's homes.

@lerlo Pragmatism 101. Other people appreciate kindness. The law prohibits killing people and setting fire to their homes. (grin)
Pragmatism 201. Don’t should on yourself or others.

@yvilletom Logic 101 if the law prohibits it not only should you not do it but you must not do it.
Pretty sure the authoritarianism part would be a must not a should but either way Logic 201 says that any country that has laws must be an authoritarian state

@lerlo Agreed in part, and corrections.

Eschew “should” and “should not”; they smack of idealism, not realism.

Eschew “must” and “cannot”; they and Robert’s Rules smack of authoritarianism.

Legislatures have points of order and appeals, ergo they have democracy.

Logic 102. A country with laws also has lawyers. (grin)

@yvilletom 🤣 are you correcting me or you? See above: "Eschew “should”; it smacks of authoritarianism" make up your mind. Yeah us lawyers tend to be detailed oriented


For various reasons some will and some won't. It's a personal choice.

Betty Level 8 July 22, 2022

Nope. Incomplete emptying if sitting.


It depends, if at a park where there's stainless steel toilets how can anyone blame a man for not making physical contact with the toilet seat?
When at home and the guy is drunk or mostly asleep or any other situation where his aim is off sitting down is the most certain means of accuracy available.
Like every other thing in this universe the best answer is relative and dependent on circumstances.
There's simply no hard rule that applies in all situations.


In the words of George H. W. Bush, or was it Dana Carvey, "Not gonna do it".

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