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Japan's Abes assassination and its connections to the Unification Church. The Unification church, started in South Korea has a strong presence in Japan as well. Apparently, many Japanese politicians are linked to it, for financial reasons. Abe had recently spoken at a meeting not long before his assassination. It seems the assassin had originally planned on going after church leaders and went after Abe instead. One wonders why - not - the guy's mother had bankrupt the family giving all their money to the "church."


Beowulfsfriend 9 July 28

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Let's face it: Christianity is a business. It should be treated as such. It should be taxed, and subject to all relevant consumer protection laws, including laws against false advertising and fraud.


Is this their version of Scientology?

Ultra whack Xtion.




Now he's unified. His family, friends and admirers should be happy. I just don't get the whole sad about being dead thing these religious nuts do. I mean they are all about a death cult. Death should be a celebratory thing. Now Abe is with his master and in a perfect master/slave relationship for all of eternity. Praise god!

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