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Murder inspired by religion: []

anglophone 8 Aug 1

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Speaking and apologizing to voices for disrespecting them. Wow! I disrespect a lot of voices. I'm you are going to speak to me use a civil one please. Aussie nutjobs.


Hard not to hold the state at least partially responsible for this kid's death. She was unfit for the first 7 years of her son's life, and they returned him to her custody 12 months ago.


She's a nut job....and a Christian. The two often go hand in hand.


Sad story and too common everywhere

It is certainly tragic but murder by people suffering from schizophrenia is not common.

@Theresa_N People with mental health issues are FAR more likely to be the victims of crime than the perpetrators. You are correct. The media does a major disservice using the term "metal illness" as a scapegoat. Why was this woman not being treated? Why was she not given support when there were known issues? The system is broken in multiple countries apparently.

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