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Samuel Alito says there is a growing hostility to religion, two women from Saudi Arabia are found dead in Australia, the Center for Inquiry announces new editor, and more happening in the news regarding atheism and religion!

Atheist_News 6 Aug 13

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There should be hostility towards religion, it has inspired so much harm.

Betty Level 8 Aug 14, 2022

I make no apology for my great hostility to willful ignorance, willful stupidity, and the fruits thereof, one of which is religion. Samuel Alito needs to grow the fuck up.


There is growing hostility to Samuel Alito!


I support France's efforts to remove the zealot. This is what all free nations should do to zealots.


Oh, my! Religionists killing other religionists. Who would have thought?

Then we have people wanting to put water on others because of their faith in an imaginary god. This is so important that they will do it secretly if they have to. It might become so important that we send in a man trying to fool the Lakota tribes. Our world is constantly becoming more crazy!

I had a Jehovah’s Witness show up at my door years ago wanting just a “moment” of my time!? I told him that I was terribly busy at the “moment” making up a batch of Holy water!!?! He got a puzzled look on his face and asked, “You know how to make holy water”!? I said, “Sure nuff, I just put 2 gallons of tap water in my aluminum kettle and boil the “hell” out of it…..” 😎

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